Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Big Canadian Welcome to a Great American Patriot

We would like to send out a Big Canadian Welcome to a Great American Patriot and Prepper, our Friend, Riverwalker. This Great Friend has offered to guest-post on a variety of province and territory Preppers Networks in order to help out here at the CPN.

Any experienced prepper in Canada or the US is probably already very familiar with Riverwalker's work - but for those of us newbie preppers...I direct you to his personal blog at Stealth Survival - where our man "stays above the waterline"! Riverwalker also contributes his knowledge and experience on the Texas Preppers Network, an affiliated Network of the American Preppers Network. In addition, he is the Western Region Coordinator for the American Preppers Network.

Since offering to guest-post on the CPN, he has posted excellent information on the Yukon Territory Preppers Network and, most recently, on the Nunavut Preppers Network. Please go and check out these informative posts. And stay on top of all of the province and territory Networks - who knows where he will pop up next???

Our deepest thanks go out to such a wonderful friend! Thank you for your great contribution to the CPN Riverwalker!

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