Friday, February 27, 2009

Status Update

Hey everyone - just a quick update on some changes here at the CPN!

At this time, our great and fearless leader, Team Hall, is taking a bit of a break. Don't worry - she will be back and guest-posting regularly - so no need to panic! There is no way that I would let her go without a guarantee that she provide us with a post on her much-anticipated and drool-worthy home management binder! And of course - more pantry pics!

So at this time, I would like to announce that I will be heading up the CPN and trying to fill Team Hall's amazing shoes! Team Hall - your shoes are pretty big but I will do my best - just like you taught me! Thank you for all of your hard work and commitment - we really appreciated your dedication and effort!

If you are interested in posting on any of the provincial networks or have any questions, please feel free to contact me here.

And remember - keep on preppin'!


  1. I hope Team Hall gets her well deserved rest and is back in action soon. And a Big Congrats to you Kymber. I know the good work of The Canadian Preppers Network will continue with no problems thanks to people like you and the other folks who are good enough to help out. Wishing you all the best. I am here if you need me for anything, just ask.

  2. A big thanks to Team Hall for all her work!! We look forward to her return as a guest-poster (especially more pantry pics!!)

    But babe - you will do an aweseome job and make team Hall proud!!

  3. as far as filling someone elses' shoes, personally, whenever i have been in that situation, i go barefoot,,,,have a good' to you

  4. Erik - that's some great advice and probably goes a long way in preventing athlete's foot! thanks for stopping by and best to you too!