Friday, March 20, 2009

Human-Powered Vehicle (Part I) Re-posted at Survive The Worst

The other day we received a request from Nomad who runs the very popular Survive The Worst blog. He requested permission to re-post jambaloney's article, originally posted on the Nova Scotia Preppers Network, entitled "Human-Powered Vechicle - also known as a "bicycle" - also known as the Ultimate Bug-out vehicle - Part I" (see original post here.) We, of course, gave permission and you can now see jambaloney's article re-posted on Survive The Worst here.

We have also included Survive The Worst to our Survival Blogs List (you can find the Blog List on the right-hand side margin under the Archives and Contributors). Survive the Worst also added both the CPN and the APN to his blogroll in this post about the first American Military use of the airplane on March 19, 1916. What an honour!

If you know of any other Survival Blogs that would be of interest to the CPN, please contact Kymber here.

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