Tuesday, March 17, 2009

International Visitors and More about Scarecrow and Zénon

Scarecrow and Zénon are the CPN's greatest assets - we would be lost and flounder alone on this network without them (check out Scarecrow's experienced, informative and often humourous posts over at the Ontario Preppers Network. Zénon's thought-provoking and beautifully-written posts can be found at the Réseau de préparation et de prévention du Québec)!

I check the Ontario Preppers Network and the Réseau de prépartion et de prévention du Québec every day to stay on top of both of their informative posts - I may not comment everyday - but I read them (and scribble notes in a notepad that I keep right next to my mouse.)

Today I realized that all of our international visitors who speak English can read and learn from Scarecrow's amazing daily posts (sometimes 3 posts a day!!!). But not everyone can read and learn from Zénon's as his posts are in French (for those of you who do not know - Canada has two official languages - French and English. Not everyone in Canada speaks both languages but a large majority of Canadians do!)

As Québec is a distinct French-speaking province in Canada (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have small populations of French Acadians, as well as the French-speaking Metis of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario) - it is a wonderful thing for Zénon to write his posts en français - we have a large population of French speakers in this beautiful country and I am glad that they can read his informative posts in their language of choice!

However...some of our international readers may not be able to read the French posts! And to that I say - Thank Goodness for Google Translate!!!

As I am a trained Korean linguist - I can attest to the fact that Google Translate does a pretty good job of translating English to Korean and vice-versa. I am not fully bilingual in French - I can certainly read Zénon's posts (sometimes slowly - sounding out each of the words), understand them and comment (but I must point out that his French writing is quite beautiful!) but - sometimes I do not know the exact translation for some of the words so in the past I have copied and pasted said word into Google Translate and Voilà - the word is translated and then I completely understand the original spirit and message of the post!

After I had dumped a couple of words into the translator, I thought to myself - hmmm? can it translate an entire post? I am happy to say that I have copied several of Zénon's entire posts into Google Translate and although it doesn't come out perfect in can feel your way around to understanding the meaning!

So I invite all of you to use Google Translate here to translate Zénon's posts and then leave him a comment - he is fluently bilingual so you can comment in English - or if you want to get fancy - type your comment in Google Translate and then translate it into French! Then copy and paste your translation into the comment box - it really is that easy!

And for all of our international visitors (and thank you to each and every one of you!) - feel free to leave comments in whatever language you choose - I will use Google Translate to translate your comment and then try to write back to you in your language!

To sum this rather long post up - as a trained linguist and someone who has always been interested in learning other languages - I am glad that there is a free tool available to help us speak in our language of choice but also have the ability to speak in a language we might not be fluent in...but can be...if we practice using the tool! This tool gives us the ability to communicate with others in all of the languages of the world! How wonderful!

Keep preppin' and get translatin'!


  1. It goes without saying that Kymber's efforts are also worthy of recognition. Her tireless pursuit to pretty up the margins with uselful links, counters and other widgets coupled with her "get 'er done" adminstration duties result in a place where ideas and actions can meet to the benefit of all.

    Thx Kymber!

  2. Scarecrow - thanks for that! You made my day!

  3. Kybmer you amaze me with your wisdom and knowledge. What you are doing is important....please keep it up!!

  4. Thanks SciFiChick....*blushes*