Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Big Canadian Welcome to our friend Humble Wife

This network of Preppers is amazing!

Today it gives me great pleasure to announce that Humble Wife from the New Mexico Preppers Network has graciously offered to share her experience and knowledge with us and will be posting on a variety of Canadian province prepper networks - thank you so much Humble Wife!

She has started off with a bang too - check out an awesome post of hers about using powdered milk in a variety of recipes over at the Saskatchewan Preppers Network, she teaches us a pile of laundry tips over at the Yukon Preppers Network, talks about heirloom seeds over at the Northwest Territories Preppers Network and shares a very personal story with us over at the New Brunswick Preppers Network. Please go and check out all of her posts!

And yes - its seems that Humble Wife has taken Riverwalker's approach to posting on the CPN - keep your eye out for her - you never know which province she will be popping up on next!

Our deepest thanks to you Humble Wife!


  1. Thanks Humble wife, You are doing an Awesome JOB!!! Keep up the good work...You too Kymber Awesome job helping to motivate everyone. Big kudos to both of you

  2. Kymber- thank you!

    AP- Thank you too!!!