Monday, April 13, 2009

Emergency Communications - Part 3 (thank you WV Santa!)

YES - WVSanta is back with the third installment to his "Emergency Communications" series here on the CPN! This series has received much feedback in the form of comments and there has been much discussion among the members of the Canadian and American Preppers Networks about HAM radio and other types of Emergency Communications because of the stir that this series has caused! We encourage any new readers to read the series in it its order...Emergency Communications - Part 1 can be found here and Part 2 here.

We at the CPN would like to thank WVSanta from the West Virginia Preppers Network for sharing his extensive knowledge about Emergency Communications with us - and we would also like to say - THAT is one Kick-*ss mobile comms station you got disguised as a truck, Santa!

And without any further is the much-anticipated Emergency Communications - Part 3:


This is the setup in my service truck that I work out of everyday. I hope that this will let people see some of what can be done with Ham and CB radio equipment. Now I know my truck is a mess but many times I spend 10 hrs or more per day in it and I did not take the time to spit polish it for the pictures.


On the roof in the middle is my CB antenna. Yes I do use a CB as I am in my own excavating business and need to be able to talk to my other trucks and the scale houses at the gravel quarry. Not everyone has a Ham license so the CB is still a big part of my communications setup.

Next on the drivers side on the tool bed is a 10 meter only Ham antenna.

On the rear corner in the back is what they call a screwdriver antenna; this one in its current configuration covers 12 meter thru 80 meter Ham bands and is tuned by a switch in the cab that raises or lowers the upper mast depending on what band you tune to.( see 3rd picture)

Last is my 2 meter ham antenna on the tool box on the passenger side.


From left to right on the dash CB radio.

Next the small face plate is my Icom 706 MK II G ham rig and the main radio is pictured on the seat (second and third picture below) for this but is normally mounted under the seat.

The next item is the light controller for the bar beacon on the roof which is also a PA and electric air horn. The truck was originally owned by a fire department.

Last on the right is a linear amplifier (by law for ham use only but also will work with the CB just keep that between us).

I hope this helps some people see what these radios look like if you have never seen them before. The pack of cigarettes is there for size reference. Again please excuse the mess in my truck it is a work truck and does see some very long days.

I will be doing more on the ham radio as I get my base station antennas back up in the air and will try to get pictures of that process also for everyone to see. As always if you have any questions please email me at and I will do my best to help you. Sorry it took so long to get this done for you.

God Bless from the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia


Thank you Santa - thank you a hundred times over for being willing to share your knowledge and experience! And remember - you are always welcome to guest-post at the CPN! Thank you!


  1. Boy what a great post. It takes me back to my childhood...we had cb system and I was birdshooter 5(as I had four older sisters!!!)

    Santa thanks for reminding us of communication methods that are effective but have been placed on the back burner!

  2. Thanks Santa! Just wait till we get our Prepper HAM directory set up, you should be the first Prepper HAM radio radio operator to be in it. Got to have us preppers a nationwide communications system set up. Anyway, I will post about this tomorrow in my Top Stories across the prepper networks

  3. Jennifer - i am so glad that this awesome post by Santa can bring you back to your childhood - Santa is so amazing - but heck - what i am saying? - i am talking about Santa?!?!?!?!

    but WVSanta - let me please state again how honoured we are by your friendship and the fact that you are willing to contribute such important information to the CPN...we are humbly honoured!

    American Prepper - thanks for stopping by! and yes - we will build the a great Prepper Ham Radio directory! Thanks so much for stopping by AP - we really appreciate your taking time out of your busy schedule (but hey - it's a post by Santa right!!!)

  4. Humble wife on the CB they call me double d for Daddy Dave

    Kymber the honour is all mine my friend. I do enjoy writing theses for ya'll and #4 will come as I get help to set up my base station antennas now that I cleared the trees from my property I wanted down.

    AP you are welcome to use it any way or time that you want and I will be glad to be the first one listed when you get that going

    Just a little note to all....I have had my truck described as a porcupine going down the road but that is OK by me as I bet most would be amazed that I have talked all over the world from my truck while waiting for people to show up it does help with boredom when people are running late.

  5. woohoo Santa - i can't wait for #4 to see your base station antennas - we need never fear losing our comms on the network with you around! You rock Santa!

    yep - yer truck does look like a little porcupine but i still say it is the most awesome mobile comms station disguised as a truck that i have ever seen!

    Thanks so much Santa - we sooo appreciate your posts!

  6. Good gravy Santa! Your truck does look like a porcupine! LO! It confuses me to no end these radios do! I don;t know if I will ever figure them out but I will try - have my book on HAMs now - just can;t seem to make heads or tails of it LOL! Give me a scapel blade and suture and I know what I am doing - but something electronic and I am all sorta confused! Thanks Santa!

  7. Santa- Double d---holy smokes you make me smile for so many reasons! Cant wait until the next part!

  8. Thanks for this great post. I've been planning to study and get the papers to do HAM, but I, like erniesjourney, have no clue. I see this as an absolute necessity.

    Hey, how about a video class covering all the same info as in these posts? Just a thought. Thanks

  9. Thanks for taking the time to stop by PH...and might be on to something there....

  10. Hey there Santa,are u useing cb antenas for the ham radio too,iam going to get a ham radioand set it up and get the lic. since my honey can not understand it. I will be home soon so I can start to set it up....thanks for the infor

  11. Hey Santa!!!! Now I'm gonna ask you to be honest.....How many times have you picked up the wrong mic and keyed the wrong radio while into a conversation, for example, talking on the CB to one of your other trucks and keyed up the 'ol 2 meter and continued the conversation??????
    I've never done that!!!!!HEHEHEHE!!!!
    Santa, you are doing a great job with this and once we get some of our Canadian friends licensed and involved, we should be able to talk at them for sure!!!!!

  12. Okay - that looks more decked out than the helm of an aircraft carrier - WOW!

    Thanks Santa for helping out here at the CPN - we really appreciate it!!

  13. I want to apologize to all for not getting in here sooner and answering questions.

    Bulldog I will start with you YES I have done that and YES I was told real quick WRONG RADIO LOL

    Soldierman yes my 10 meter is a re tuned CB antenna and that can only be done for 10 meter but it will work for a base or mobile antenna

    Everyone that thinks the ham license is to hard I would encourage you to check out QRZ.COM and do there practice test section that is how I did both my tech class and general class and had no problem at all and it is FREE

    PH I did get a digital camcorder for Christmas and will do my best to try that for the next post but no promises yet, still trying to figure it out.

    Last if anyone has questions that they want to ask please do not hesitate to email me I will do my best to help. Use the address at the West Virginia Preppers Network site side bar

    Sorry again for the delay but it has been CRAZY here lately and time has been limited.
    God Bless you all from the Wild and Wonderful