Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The American Preppers Network "Ham Radio Net" calling CQ CQ...(Updated)

(We have received permission to copy this post verbatim from W4DMH at the West Virginia Preppers Network and KI4HEE of the South Carolina Preppers Network...)


by Dave, W4DMH & Bob KI4HEE

Following on the heels of last weeks successful Ham Radio Net, The American Preppers Network will take to the air again Thursday night, July 23rd at 9 PM EST., on 14.320 MHz. in the 20 Meter Band.

The 20 Meter band's conditions were pretty good last week as attested by the Google Map Hawk KI4HEE posted in an article covering last weeks net. With 10 total check-ins that ranged from New Hampshire, well into northern Texas , the fledgling radio net established a reliable communications network that covered the majority of the continental US. Not bad for first-timers.

With a mind toward finding a set location within the Ham Radio Bands for a continued presence, the APN is still getting it's sea legs and will be calling the net on a variety of frequencies in coming weeks, Be sure to check back here for weekly updates.

While 14.320 MHz. may or may not become a regular frequency for the net, we should be on it or close to it this Thursday Night 9 PM EST.

A very special QSL card designed by KI4HEE for the American Preppers Net will be sent to any Ham Operator who checks in, as well as any SWL listeners who respond Via QSL info for W4DMH on QRZ.COM callsign lookup.
SWL listeners please log the time, your location, received signal strength, and a brief description of what you received, or checked-in call sign heard.

Being that this is a new net, there are still problems to be worked out. APN Communications Committee Chairman Dave, W4DMH says that along with determining a set schedule and operating frequency, the most pressing concern is manpower, "Anyone that wants to help out, particularly ham operators who can participate as a net control, please contact me for more info and a net preamble script. We will gladly consider any and all help that anyone wants to offer." he added, "By all means, do not hesitate to check-in Thursday night."

It should be noted that the two ham operators most actively involved in this net, W4DMH & KI4HEE, are both located along the East Coast, the hunt is on for Ham Operators west of the Mississippi willing to help make this net possible.

As the American Preppers Network grows, it is our hope that more & more people will gain exposure to the ideas of individualism, self-reliance and independence. All hallmarks much needed in these times.

Join the net, Thursday, July 23rd 9PM EST on or around 14.320 MHz, and as always...
“No Experience Necessary”

To all Canadians - let's all tune in on Thursday! And to all Canadian Hams - we need YOU to start participating in this great adventure! Let's do it! Let's create a Canadian Ham Radio Net!

A big Thank You to both Dave and Bob for all of their efforts in building this net!!! One day, we will all look back and say "Remember when..."


UPDATE: The American Preppers Network "Ham Radio Net" now has their own blog here. Make sure to check in often for all information related to the Ham Radio Net!


  1. Thanks for the post Kymber, and we'll be keeping our ears peeled for any "VE" calls as well. The more the merrier!

  2. Kymber
    Thanks so much for helping.
    I would love to hear some VE stations on the air Thursday night. Please any Canadian Ham's that happen to read this PLEASE come join us. Any SWL request for the special QSL card please check QSL info on for w4dmh my page has been updated with instructions

  3. Thanks to both of you for getting this Net up and running...I hope that you hear some VE calls as well...we are looking forward to hearing you this eve!!!

  4. Thanks so much for your support on this net Without everyone helping we could never get this up and going. To all of the Canadian Hams out there. In the past I have talked with many of you so I know you are out there. Again 14.320 9pm Eastern time PLEASE COME JOIN THE FUN
    73 W4DMH

  5. Kymber, Thanks for posting this...seems like the APN Radio Net is going to take off and be successful, hopefully we can make this an international effort with Canada and even other countries.

  6. AP - no prob! The APN Radio Net is a great venture and i just hope that i can find some Canadian Hams to join in!