Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Request from Scarecrow at the Ontario Preppers Network for a Guest Poster with Nuclear Knowledge

Below is a post from Scarecrow of the Ontario Preppers Network (the same post can be found on the OPN here).

Guest post needed...

With the recent problems with the Chalk River nuclear reactor, the ongoing maintenance of the reactor at Darlington and the Ontario Govt's commitment to increasing the number of nuclear powered electricity generation facilities in the province, it is prudent that we all understand the risks associated with living downstream or near a nuclear facility should an accident occur.

Unfortunately, this is not my area of expertise. I am looking for someone more knowledgeable than I to point out the possible impact of an accidental release of nuclear contaminated material into our waterways or the atmosphere. Is it prudent to have some iodine tablets on hand? Should we blindly run as far away as fast as we can?

If you feel that you can help by providing some insight into this disaster scenario and some concrete steps that the average family can take to help prepare, please contact me by email.

[What have you done today to prepare?]


Is there anyone out there who can help ? If you are a regular reader of the CPN, APN, or if you post for the CPN or APN - can you help?

We all here at the CPN would appreciate if anyone would step forward and share their knowledge.

You can contact me ( or Scarecrow ( if you think that you can help.

Thanks so much!


  1. I left this comment for scarecrow at ONPN

    Try Contacting Chuck Fenwick at He is the manufacturer of KIO3 Potasium Iodate. He may be able to do a guest post for you and have some is his email:

  2. Thanks Tom! Scarecrow and I appreciate your help!