Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Ladies Rocked the Family Preparedness Guide Radio Show

The Ladies rocked the show! The callers were ringing off the line and the chatroom was full and excited - Thanks so much to everyone who participated during the show!

If you missed the show - no problem - you can download it here:
James Talmage Stevens Family Preparedness Guide on Blog Talk Radio!

Remember to listen in every Saturday as James is planning to have members of the Preppers Network on the show more regularly in the future!

Go and download the show - let's help James get the #1 show on Blog Talk Radio!


  1. You were all great and it was a pleasure to hear all of your voices. (I am big on voice communication no personality in email, text,etc.)This show will be very hard to match. You all set the bar very high for the next one Thanks

  2. Thanks What is a Prepper - the ladies were all very interested in doing this and i think they did a really great job! Thanks for listening in!

    Jen - it was sooo great to hear you on the show - thanks for calling in and thanks for being so supportive!

    AP - thanks for being there in the chatroom keeping it going - James was amazed at the activity in the chatroom - thanks so much Boss!

  3. You lady's were awesome My hat is off to you all