Sunday, August 23, 2009

To all of our American Friends - a different explanation about Our Health Care System

I know that a lot of our wonderful friends south of our border are worried about National Health Care as proposed by the Obama government. To our readers and friends south of our border - you have every right to be concerned about Health Care Reforms in your country - please become educated about these Health Care Reforms and please make educated decisions.

But I ask of you only one thing - before you slander the Canadian Health Care System and call us a "bunch of Socialists" or "Nazis" or "Fascists" or any other derogatory terms that have been used to describe a system of Health Care that has been available to ALL Canadians for the past 40 years...please read this article. It eloquently expresses and describes a health care system that most Canadians have reaped the benefit of for some time now.

Thank you to all readers of the CPN. You are all greatly appreciated!


  1. I don't bash the Canadian System because I don't live in Canada. Canadians have every right to have whatever system they want. It is not my country to make those decisions, therefore I have no right to bash it....Do I want a Canadian Style Health care system or any other type of national system in the U.S.? Absolutely not, "UNLESS" I can opt out and not have to pay for it through forced taxes for those who choose to have it. I am NOT against a "National Anything" as long as I can "opt out". In the U.S. we need to have freedom of choice. It all comes down to this, I believe in helping others (by choice). I can choose to help someone paint their house, and they can choose to help me grow a garden. But I have no more right to tell them what color to paint their house than they have a right to tell me what to grow in my garden. Since I see no Canadians imposing their will upon Americans, there is no reason why Americans should impose their will upon Canadians. This is why I am so much opposed to things such as NWO, Globalism and North American Union. If we get those things (against our will), then you can be assured that the will of those who are not Canadian will be imposed upon you and vice versa, then as a result, no one in the U.S. nor Canada will be free. What if we did get a North American Union? What if some day the North American Union decided that it was in everyone's best interest to not have any health care, or what if they decided that Canadians had to live like Americans, or what if they decided no one could own land because it would be in everyone's best interest. We must not allow any type of NAU, Globalism or NWO to exist. Let's work together as friends, not bind each other by chains.

    Good post

  2. AP - you have never bashed the system but have asked me many times about the "opt-out" option - bahahaha!

    And, one last time for the road - no - you can't "opt-out" in Canada!!!

    i, do, however love your last line:

    "Let's work together as friends, not bind each other by chains"

    i agree!

  3. I believe that if people took a more
    "preventative " approach to their health they could avoid a lot of problems before they occur. The terminology we use may be inappropriate for what we should actually be doing. We should be worried about "caring for our health" first and not healthcare as an afterthought.


  4. RW - you nailed it on the head! Preventative medicine is the way of the future! Consume healthy food, get lots of exercise and rest, take care of yourself when you feel run-down --- and alot of current health problems would disappear!
    Thanks so much for stopping in!

  5. Kymber
    As you say
    "But I ask of you only one thing - before you slander the Canadian Health Care System"

    This sure does not seem too much to ask of the American people. Calling names never helps anyone's cause.

  6. RW couldn't have said it better..."Preventative"...sounds very much like a Prepper word to me

    Santa is right on about not calling names. I promise I wont call our Canadian friends names (not that I ever would anyway)....and I'll even try really hard not to call our Dark Lord Obama the Fascist lying Dictator that he is., though if Canadians want to call him names that's fine by me.

  7. Kymber, you are right on about eating healthy, exercise and rest....that's "Self-Reliance" If everyone would do that, then there would be no need for health health care taxes or government involvement...Now you can see why I chose the motto "freedom through teaching others self-reliance"