Thursday, October 8, 2009

Canadian Preppers on the Prepper Podcast

If you haven't already - please go and check out The Prepper Podcast!

The Prepper Podcast is run by Matt from the Kentucky Preppers Network and each week he interviews preppers from all over North America to discuss and share prepper-related information.

This past week Matt interviewed myself, Scarecrow from the Ontario Preppers Network and Zénon from the Quebec Preppers Network! We had a great time chatting with Matt and with each other.

Thanks Matt for inviting us to be on The Prepper Podcast! We had a great time!

(Spoiler Alert : yes Zénon has a wicked, awesome French accent and Scarecrow elaborates on the Canadian position regarding firearms!!! You really need to check this out!)


  1. Hi Kymber,

    I listen faithfully each week. :D

    You guys sounded great!

    You weren't kidding about that wicked, awesome French accent. When I first heard him speak, I was glued to the lap top. LOL!

    Seriously, y'all did an amazing job today. :D


  2. Felinae...i should have known that you would be a faithfull are such a great Prepper! You set the bar high girl... you set it high!

    teeheehee....i knew that Z's accent would stop the ladies in their tracks...not to mention Scarecrow's ability to explain incredibly complex ideas in mere seconds!

    thank you from us and Matt for listening means the world!

    (and it sure is nice to go to bed every night and start each morning knowing that i have a friend like you! Thank you Fel!)