Friday, October 23, 2009

Celebrate the Holidays Canadian-Style with a Free Fireplace Accessory

There are few things that are better than gathering around a warm fireplace on a chilly night with family and friends. You can make it even better though with the addition of the proper fireplace accessory. Riverwalker and Stealth Survival wants to help you celebrate the holidays Canadian-style with a special winner’s choice of some great fireplace accessories. Add a little style to your holidays Canada with a chance to win your choice of some great fireplace accessories that even include shipping to Canada.

My good friends and neighbors to the North in Canada will be able to choose one of three different fireplace accessories as their prize in this special holiday give-a-way that will help you create your own very special and unique holiday memories that will last for years.

What are your choices to help create these special holiday memories around that warm fireplace?

Your first choice is a great set of fireplace tools. Every great fireplace deserves a great set of fireplace tools! Even if you’ve got an electric fireplace, you can add a little more realism to your electric fireplaces with a great set of fireplace tools.

Your second choice is a beautiful fireplace screen which will add a touch of safety to your holiday celebration with family and friends.

Your third choice is a brush and pan set that will help you do a little clean-up as the holidays are winding down and things start to return to normal after the holidays.

How do you win one of these great fireplace accessories? It’s easier than you might think! Simply leave a comment that will indicate your choice of fireplace accessory that you desire to win. You can leave a comment each day on this post between now and October 30th. On October 31st, a winner will be chosen from the comments posted and they will receive the free fireplace accessory that was indicated by their comment(s). You can enter a new comment each day for an additional chance at being a winner! The winner will need to provide a shipping address and phone number in order to receive their prize. Your personal information will be kept confidential and will only be used to ship your free fireplace accessory to you should you be declared the winner of one of these fireplace accessories. Unfortunately, this give-a-way is limited to Canadian residents only.

If you want a chance to win the set of fireplace tools simply include the comment on this post: “Fireplace tools are great!”

If you want a chance to win the fireplace screen simply include the comment on this post: “Fireplace screens are beautiful!”

If you want a chance to win a brush and pan set to help with your holiday clean-up chores simply include the comment on this post: “I love a clean fireplace!”

So get your holiday celebration started early with a chance to win a great fireplace accessory and create those special holiday memories that will last forever!

Thank you Canada!



  1. Awesome! Big shout out for Riverwalker for putting this together! Good luck everyone!

  2. Thank you sooo much Riverwalker!!!

    Fireplace screens are beautiful!!!

  3. Thx RW for the chance to be part of the giveaway.

    Fireplace tools are great

  4. I can't pass up a great promotion!
    “Fireplace screens are beautiful!”

  5. I posted this on APN for you guys. Let's see if we can find as many Canadians as possible to come leave a comment here to be a part of the contest.

  6. Wow! A Canadian contest is fantastic and "Fireplace tools are great".

  7. Hey my choice is:

    Fireplace screens are beautiful!

    Good luck to all!

  8. Cool! Thanks a lot Riverwalker :D

  9. Just wanted to let everyone know that I hadn't forgotten my friends and readers from Canada.

    So make sure you leave a comment indicating your choice of fireplace accessory you would like to win.

    Good luck everyone!


  10. Kymber posted it in the forums, and I'm going to mention it on the podcast as well. Thanks Riverwalker, for helping to promote the CPN in this way. Good karma!

  11. A big thank you to Riverwalker for your initiative. As for me, since I've been using fireplaces and woodstove since I'm a kid, I'm well covered tool wise. So I'll give others the chance to win these great useful gifts.

    Good luck everyone!!