Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Seasonal flu shots halted in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia

"A "perplexing" Canadian study linking the H1N1 virus to seasonal-flu shots is throwing the nation's influenza plans into disarray and straining public faith in the government agencies responsible for protecting Canada's health."

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  1. I've been following this development quite closely. I always get a seasonal flu shot. This year, even though the vaccine is sitting on a shelf somewhere, it's like pulling teeth to get at it. I have a doctors appointment next week to get a pneumonia vaccination (1st year of that one) as a major compilation of H1N1 leading to death is pneumonia.

    I'm going to demand a seasonal flu shot at the same time, even offering to pay for it. Because of my travel plans this winter, If I wait until Dec. for the seasonal shot, there wont be enough time to build up immunity before I travel.

    I have the local public health dept. on speed dial and they now recognize my voice when I call to repeatedly tell them that a single unpublished study that has not undergone peer review is not a good reason to drastically alter public health policy. If the vaccine is available, and I pay for it, I cannot for the life of me figure out why doctors have instructed not to dispense it. I suspect there is an economic consideration at work here, but will never be able to prove it. It will be interesting to hear what the researchers have to say in due course.