Thursday, November 19, 2009

The CPN & NSPN Welcomes our Newest Member - Sue Frelick!!!!

Y'all know the saying:

"Give someone some free fire place tools and they'll gladly volunteer to write posts for one of the provincial networks".

Okay maybe I made that one up. However....exciting news coming:

The CPN & NSPN are very happy to introduce our newest contributing member - Welcome Sue!!!

According to Sue - you can call her Sue, or Soapy, Soapysue or Mormon Chick. She answers to them all :-)!!! Sue lives in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, with her husband of 16 years in an antique house that they are constantly renovating! Sue works part time at a local fabric store and teaches children how to sew in her studio. She loves to read, write, sew (naturally), cook real food from real ingredients and work at becoming self reliant.

You can learn more about Sue from her personal blog Short Fat Mormon Chick.

Sue will be taking over the NSPN and I encourage you all to head over to the NSPN and leave her a welcome message!

I have had the incredible experience of getting to know more and more about Sue via email and I am looking very much forward to her contribution at the NSPN!!!

Welcome is soo great to have you here!!!

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