Monday, November 2, 2009

The Ontario Preppers Network passes 10,000 page views!!!

Maybe it's his witty way with words! Maybe it's the underlying level of sarcasm in most (if not all) posts. Maybe it's the fact that he can sometimes be very sweet! Maybe it's his elegant way of discussing difficult issues!

Or maybe it's THAT tagline staring us in the face at the end of every post daring us to get up off of our lazy butts!!!

Whatever it is - it sure keeps the readers coming back - Scarecrow and the Ontario Preppers Network has just passed 10,000 page views!!!

Congratulations to Scarecrow and the OPN!!!

Scarecrow is one of the original CPN members...he joined up way back in 1867 - woops - no, I meant to say that he joined us back in February 2009 (but has been prepping since 1867)! His posts have made us laugh, made us think, and with his most recent "Do 1 Thing" series (his summary of the Do 1 Thing program developed by - provided us all with several lists of actual, practical goals to achieve in order to begin, or get better, at prepping!!! And he speaks in an incredibly clear and thoughtful manner!

Scarecrow is the CPN's "darling" although sometimes he can be a little "diva" - but we at the CPN are very fortunate to have him and we know it. I have the additional and great honour of also being able to call him "friend"!

So please join us in congratulating Scarecrow for his awesome work here at the CPN, and more specifically, at the OPN. Drop in to the OPN and leave him a comment! Or leave a comment for him here! Passing 10,000 page views in such a short amount of time is quite an accomplishment!!!


  1. You almost fooled me....

    As I reread all of those posts from the past, it became clear that you put a lot of thought into the message. Thank-you for the effort. I am touched.

    Secondly, all the typos and missed punctuation marks in those posts really stand out now...I wonder why I couldn't see them before?

    Finally, that prepper podcast link almost got me to listen to myself, almost but not quite. :-)

    Thanks for all you do for us in the CPN, your comments and your words of encouragement.

    Your friend,

  2. You are soo very welcome!!!!

    i have been watching your page views for a while now...just waiting for it to hit 10,000. so i had time to go through all of your posts again and try to find the ones that matched what i was trying to say.

    and i didn't want to say it all in my message....i wanted to use your actual posts to reflect what i was trying to say.

    i am glad that you were touched because the entire point of my post is this - i read and learn from your posts everyday - but there are over 10,000 others who are reading them too! and learning. and growing. and becoming better prepared!

    the information that you gather, collate, put together in a write-up is so important especially in these crazy times. people need that information and you are one of the best on the internet when it comes to busting things out into easy to chew-and-swallow little steps. most people in the world want to become better prepared - they just don't know how to start. and if they do start - they don't know where to go from there. and haughty, arrogant survivalist/prepper sites can not help! but your posts CAN and DO help - if nothing else you are making people think!!!

    so like i already said - i couldn't wait to announce you hitting over 10,000...i knew that you probably didn't even know. so it was my pleasure to spend the time going over all of your old posts and selecting appropriate posts to use in the announcement.

    You make me very proud of the CPN Scarecrow!

  3. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?

  4. congrats sc !

    but to tell the truth, it doesn't surprise me THAT much.

    as kymber pointed out; you write terrific posts on such a broad range of topics with such a variety of styles that it is only natural that people would return to the OPN time and time again.

    you deserve the audience and the kudos 10-fold.

    plus, you are one of the fathers of confederation and that is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. i guess you can be cut slack in the diva department as well.

    seriously though - well done!!!

  5. Great work Scarecrow!!!

    You little rascally inspiration you


  6. Congratulations Scarecrow!

    Very well done!


  7. BTW, Maybe you would like to do a guest post at Stealth Survival?

    Send me an e-mail if you're interested. Thanks.


  8. Do 1 Thing was created in Lansing, MI in 2005 by a group of emergency managers. I'm not sure who Scarecrow is, but I think he may be misrepresenting Do 1 Thing as his creation. It is not.

    We are thrilled that our program has been received so well by your community. We encourage you to partner with us properly and make sure that the owners of this program are properly cited.

    Please visit for more information.

  9. Thanks to Scarecrow and Kymber for clearing up the misunderstanding as far as the citations for Do1Thing are concerned.

    It's great to have the prepper's network as a Do 1 Thing partner and getting the word out to your community.

    Larry -