Thursday, December 31, 2009

The APN has a great new look!

The American Preppers Network has a great new look! The APN has a new masthead and logo as do all of the state preppers networks! Check them out here.

In addition to the great new look, they have just launched a Brand New Forum at . (Be amongst the first to join! Get in now and at the end of January we will be drawing one lucky winner for survival seeds from Hometown Seeds.) The new forum has really taken off in only a day - all of our favourite friends from the APN have already checked in and a bunch of new people have found their way there through this Newsweek article. There is lots of discussion taking place on a variety of prepping topics and all Canadians are welcome - make sure to stop in and say Hi!

And lastly, Check out a social networking site for preppers all around the world. You will find links there as well as on all sites to the Chat portal which will give you access to all the prepper chatrooms. Two of the most popular at this time are Felinaes Lounge , a place specifically created for female preppers, and Wolfe's Den, the original APN chatroom. Make sure to check both chatrooms out as Canadians are very welcome there too!

And keep your eyes open over the next few days - the CPN's getting ready to launch a brand new look too!

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