Saturday, January 2, 2010

Update on the CPN's Geocaching Travel Bugs

For those that aren't yet aware, the CPN let loose two geocaching bugs with the mission of crisscrossing the country spreading the word about the Network. The first TB was released in Victoria BC in early December 2009. This is affectionately called the West to East TB.

The progress and present where abouts of the W --> E TB can be monitored here.

The East to West TB is currently in the hands of a geocacher in Bishop's Falls Nfld. We are currently awaiting for it to be placed in a local cache to begin its cross-country journey.

You can monitor the E --> W TB location and progress here.

We'll keep you updated when the bugs move to new destinations.

A big shout-out to Scarecrow for coming up with idea, getting all the stuff required to do this and sending those bugs on their merry ways! The CPN is very excited by this great adventure!

And to all geocachers out there participating in this great adventure - thanks so much for your participation - we really appreciate it!!!


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