Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Big Thanks to Scott and the Good Folks at Hometown Seeds

In the beginning of February 2010, I won a contest at the APN Forum. The prize? An "Emergency Survival Seed" package from Hometown seeds!!! I was very excited to win the seeds because I needed the seeds. Why? Well since this is our last full year living here in Ottawa, Ontario before we make the move to Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia (over 1,000 miles away) - we have decided that this year's garden is to be much smaller than other years and we have also decided not to purchase any "new" seeds this year - we planned to use only seeds that we had saved from previous years. So winning this seed package means I was able to get "new" seed without spending any money. And everyone likes "new" seeds!!!

So a few days ago my "prize" arrived! What did I win? How about a couple of pics to show you what a great prize I won!!!

The hand-written Thank You note from Scott was a very nice touch! Thank you Scott!

Here is a pic of the vacuum-sealed bag listing the 16 types of easy-to-grow, 100% non-hybrid Emergency Survival Seeds.

Here is the 8-page pamphlet describing each type of seed and planting guide.

And although the Emergency Survival Seeds are for long term storage, I opened the bag because I plan to actually plant some of these seeds. I will vacuum-seal the rest and store them in the freezer for future years' gardens.

So I haven't planted any of them yet and can't speak to the viability, germination rate or quality of the seeds - but I will come back and do an update once some of the seeds have been planted and their produce is harvested.

However, I can speak to the care that went into the packaging, the healthy look and feel of the seeds and the fact that Hometown Seeds have very good prices and ship to Canada! So be sure to check them out when purchasing this years seeds!


  1. Yep, Hometown Seeds are great people. Really big thanks to them foroffering the seeds to give away as a prize