Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The CPN Welcomes it's newest contributing author - Allan "Bow" Beauchamp!

The CPN is very proud to welcome Allan "Bow" Beauchamp as our newest contributing author!!!

Allan "Bow" Beauchamp, born in Porcupine, Ontario, is a renowned survival and primitive skills instructor and consultant. He has acted as a consultant for Les Stroud on TV's "Survivorman" series, and also supported Les Stroud on his new book entitled "Survive."

Previously, Bow taught a survival program for 10 years at a university, taught primitive skills courses at local Native reserves, and was featured on the television series "The Great Outdoorsman". Bow has also hosted training over the years for law enforcement agencies, the Canadian Forces, and many local groups.

Bow has also recently been appointed as a Safecastle LLC Advisory Board Member.

Some of Bow’s recognized expertise include: search and rescue, rope rescue, teaching survival and primitive skills programs (to many government agencies), bushcraft, N.O.T.S. man-tracking (developed by Bow), psychology of survival, flint-knapping, bow-making, nature awareness, spirituality, edible plants, bush medicines, traditional fire-starting, and natural navigation. He has been continually researching and improving his extreme survival winter skills for over 30 years!

The CPN will be showcasing some of Bow’s previously-written articles from Wildwood Survival – an excellent survival website run by Walter Muma. Watch for these, and new articles, to pop up on the Northwest Territories Preppers Network, the Nunavut Preppers Network and the Yukon Preppers Network!

Please join me in welcoming Bow!!!


  1. Welcome aboard Bow, Glad to have you a part of our online community!

  2. A hearty down east welcome to you, Bow! It's good to welcome a new author into "the family". With a resume like yours I think I'll just retire and follow your posts from now on :-)

  3. Welcome dude, great to have you aboard!

  4. Bow:

    Welcome to the CPN!!

    Thanks for taking the time to contribute - we are all looking forward to learning from you!