Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Woohoo! The CPN Welcomes another contributing author - Welcome Cory!!!

The CPN is very proud proud to introduce our newest contributing author - Cory!!! Welcome, Welcome Cory!!!

Although Cory lives in Ontario - in true CPN-fashion he has agreed to take over posting at the BC Preppers Network until we can find a permanent author there. Until then...a little bird has told me that we can expect a new series at the BC Preppers Network - something along the lines of "Energy Tips My Wife Hates" - oh we can't wait for that one, Cory!!!

In addition - and from Cory's own lips:

"My goal is to do a post or two a week and I’ll cover things a young Canadian family like mine can do to take steps toward preparedness and independence including:

- debt repayments
- simple energy efficiency tips
- easy first prepping steps
- planning and building a new (semi) off-grid home

Being fairly new to prepping I’m hoping to document my progress on these topics and learn from the comments of other preppers.

For now I’ll leave you with my personal motto:

“If you don’t take control of your life, somebody else will.” " are a very welcome addition to the CPN! We look very much forward to your posts!

Please join me in welcoming Cory to the CPN!!!!


  1. Welcome Dude! Looking forward to reading some of your stuff!!!

  2. Welcome to the CPN Cory!

    We are really glad to have you aboard!

    Thanks for signing up - can't wait to read your posts!

  3. Hey Cory! Welcome to the family! Your topics sound like they will make a really great read. Looking forward to following you and your family as you work your way to freedom. Prep on!

  4. Welcome to Cory and Bow! 2 new contributors! How exciting!