Monday, April 26, 2010

A Great Canadian Company: Briden Solutions!

Are you looking for a Canadian company that has a passion for helping individuals, families and communities to become better prepared? Then look no further than Briden Solutions!

Briden Solutions is a Canadian company working to deliver the message of preparedness to fellow Canadians. As a Canadian-based company, Briden Solutions ships to Canada from Canada - which means no border issues, no duties, no brokerage fees and no customs fees!!!

Some of their products include:
  • 72 Hour emergency kits for home, office, vehicles, and custom kits for other needs
  • Unique food & water storage containers, including the 125 & 250 Gallon Super Tanker and Gamma stackable food storage units
  • Bulk food storage systems and products including organic and non-organic
  • Dry pack foods
  • Time based food storage packages - 1 month, 3 month & 12 months
  • Outdoor, survival, camping, hiking and preparedness gear
In addition, Briden Solutions takes a "hands-on" approach in delivering the message of preparedness by offering:
  • Preparedness Assessments for your Home, Office or Town
  • Customized Recommendations in your preparedness planning and needs based on your individual assessment and budget
I have it on good authority that Briden Solutions will be offering some special discounts during Emergency Preparedness Week 2010 (May 2-8) and Briden Solutions will also be hosting a contest at the CPN in the near future - so stay tuned for that!!!

Make sure to check out Briden Solutions FIRST for all of your emergency preparedness and prepping needs!


  1. They price for glow sticks seems good but their description leaves something to be desired are they 6" or 8" or 12" you have to guess so it is hard to know if they are worth it. There is few products like that. Other wise everything else seems reasonable.

  2. Warren,

    I appreciate your comments and would love to know which products you would like more information on and any specifics that may come to mind.

    We are always trying to fill in any gaps that we may have missed and would love to fill in any extra info that would make prepping easier for others!

  3. Looks like a good company, I love how we wont have to pay customs fees or outrageous shipping!

    Might order some emergency ration type food from them.

    It's great to see Canadian companies popping up!!

  4. If you want to buy bulk glow sticks, maybe smoke grenades or fire works here is great site and it is Canadian
    Right now I am trying to find a site that sells a complete set of non hybrid seeds for the northern areas meant for a Canadian settings. Also looking for a Canadian suppliers for quick clot and the risk of use and how to use it correctly and when not use it right now. Drop me a line at if you have leads.

  5. I love your various blogs, Kymber!!! Such good ideas about being prepared. We can't have enough information about this. Thank you for getting the word out!!

    Take care~ Andrea