Monday, May 3, 2010

Briden Solutions - EPW 2010 Great Deal, Contest and Event

During Emergency Preparedness Week 2010 (May 2-8), Briden Solutions is hosting a Great Contest, a Great Deal and a Great Event for the Canadian Public.

The Great Deal?
How about 10% off all of their 72-hour kits?!?!? The 72-hour kits are available for up to 5 people and in Basic and Deluxe Formats - for more information - go here!

The Great Contest?
How would you like to win your choice of a Food For Health Emergency Food Supply Bucket or a Volcano 2 Collapsible Cook Stove!!!!

Here's how to enter: Between Sunday May 2 and Saturday May 8 2010, simply tell your friends or family about any of Briden Solutions products by visiting any product page and use the ' Email a Friend ' button. Follow the instructions to send a friendly email and you're entered in the draw!

You can email up to ten friends per hour, for each unique friend (email address) that you send to, you will receive one entry into the draw. The winner will be chosen by random drawing on Monday May 9 2010, and receive their choice of 1 Food for Health Emergency Food Supply Bucket, or 1 Volcano II Collapsible Cook Stove; including free shipping to their home.


In order to distinguish your entries from other public entries - Please ensure to include the word "Prepper" when prompted to add your name on the 'Email a Friend' form. For example: John Doe - Prepper"

This will allow Briden Solutions the ability to separate public entries vs. CPN entries and will enable them to ensure that at least one CPN member will win a prize!

Please note the following disclaimer from the Briden Solutions website:

Please send only to people you know. Any complaints of spam will result in the persons name being removed from the draw. Briden does not save the email addresses used in this contest, and there will be no further contact to any of your family or friends from Briden unless they join our newsletter or purchase a product.

And last but not least - the Great Event!

CARPE VITA - Seize the Life - is a fund raising benefit auction being held at Samaritan's Purse, Calgary, Alberta on May 8 to raise funds to help rebuild lives and infrastructure, after the devasting earthquake in Haiti. Briden Solutions will be on site to teach about emergency preparedness and also receive resources donated by the Public Safety and Alberta Health Region for how to be prepared for any emergency. For more information on this great event - go here.

So to any Alberta Preppers in the area - make sure to check out this great event!

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