Sunday, June 20, 2010

The CPN Welcomes another contributing author - Gerald!!!

The CPN is proud to announce that we have a new contributing author - Welcome Gerald!

Gerald is a close and personal friend of mine who has spent years gaining knowledge and wisdom in prepping/survivalist-related fields such as aquaculture, casting his own bullets, black powder and muzzle-loaders, square-foot gardening, sustained-living and...well...there really isn't too much that he doesn't know about!

Gerald will be posting mainly at the Prince Edward Island Preppers Network - in fact - you can check out his first post on "Duckweed" and how we all can start using this miracle plant to shorten our food chain here.

In addition, Gerald will also be found posting at the Nunavut Preppers Network, the Northwest Territories Preppers Network and the Yukon Preppers Network at times. Check out his first post on "The Modern Peasant's Longbow" at the Yukon Preppers Network here.

Both posts are very interesting reads and you can be sure that he will have many more!

Please join me in welcoming Gerald to our team at the CPN! Welcome Gerald!


  1. Welcome Gerald - look forward to reading your posts!

  2. Hey Gerald!
    Welcome to the community!!