Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well it's the 24th of December and we all know what that means!

I want to wish all our readers and friends a very merry Christmas and we wish you all the very best in the coming new year! May all your families be blessed!

And for a little Christmas fun I found the following video very funny!

On a side note:  We still have had no word from Kymber so I'm asking that you all keep her and Jamie in your prayers and thoughts in this season.

I'll be posting some updates in the new year in regards to some CPN changes in Kymber's absence that I am currently working out.

Wishing for the best, preparing for the worst!

Frazer, Out!


  1. Thanks Frazer .. and Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day wishes to you all from 'zona.

  2. I Hope your holidays were memorable and zombie free Frazer ;-) I'm looking forward to the changes in CPN.

  3. FYI: currently places the Canadian Preppers Network at #22 of the all time best survival/preppers websites. These stats can change as popularity and other factors change based on the info they use to determine ranking.

    By the way, if you need good content for this site I have lots of my own original ideas about things I've done over the years, and things I've built and experimented with. Feel free to contact me at

    I can easily whip up a few articles.


  4. Thanks Mike! Once I get the admin stuff taken care of I'll give you a shout and hopefully we can learn something from your experience!

  5. It is bugging me so I'll say it here... On your logo at the top of the page it says CANDIAN, not CANADIAN