Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why Do I Prep?

non- electric sewing machine and lamp
My husband passed old family acquaintances in the hardware store yesterday.  “There are always problems!” was their Eeyoristic greeting.  

No! My husband thought.  There are always solutions!  After all, they were standing in a store full of them.  The store owner made his living selling solutions!  He had raised his family on them; and he gives to the community from them - a ball team...playground equipment...a hockey team.  So much abundance!
last season's garlic
When I think a certain way about prepping I find myself feeling like the friends my husband met – there are so many problems!  One could become paralyzed by them. I don’t like that feeling, and it doesn’t help with preps.   What I do like, and what moves things in our home forward, is searching for solutions to our prepping challenges.   
Oh, I’m well aware that powerful problems abound politically -- religiously -- naturally.  Start reading world history and it will soon become clear that there has always been corruption in politics and religion, and there have always been natural disasters.  This isn’t the first generation to be taken advantage of by the powers-that-be.  However, isn’t it comforting to know that we can take care of ourselves if things come unhinged?  This is why I prep.
emptying pantry shelves

It is for the comfort of having 72 hour kits for each person in the house, waiting in a closet by the door; the satisfaction that comes from preserving and storing food; the peacefulness that working in the garden brings; the pleasure felt while preparing a meal with ingredients raised by one’s self; the sense of wellbeing when one is in good shape and can perform a full day’s labour; the reassurance that there is a flashlight by each bed, that the oil lamps are filled with fresh oil, and firewood wood is piled in the woodshed.
These are my reasons for prepping.  What are yours?

from a local farmers market
I’ll be writing for Canada Preppers Network (CPN) on the first of every month.  I speak from the heart about how my household prepares to be self-reliant.  Sometimes our methods may be controversial, sometimes we haven’t a clue what we are doing and the learning curve is steep, but the way we prep is of our own choosing, and therefore, right for us - just as your prepping style is for you.
If you like what you see here, come back regularly and add a productive comment or two.  I believe I speak for the whole of CPN when I say we would like to build community, and a place to share information and solutions with like minded people.


  1. I prep because I have seen to many families wiped out by what should have been a minor problem. I want to be ready when my bump comes along, and I think I'm almost there... Then it is on to prepping for bigger bumps.

    Thank you for coming here to share your knowledge and experiences, I look forward to reading your monthly entries but I hope you won't stop at that!

  2. Excellent post! My hope is the same as yours, that Canadians that believe in preparedness can come together as a community and share our way of living with others. If we can provide for most of our needs and help others in need, that can only be good. AND...hopefully the need for inadequate tax-funded social services will decrease.

  3. Thank you for such welcoming words everyone. Here's to prepping for those bumps, and sharing how to do that with our neighbours.