Thursday, May 19, 2011

Home Energy Efficiency - Refrigeration

We all have a fridge.  We can't really expect to go through day to day life without one.  If you are electrically starved say with an off grid system, then you may want to opt for a propane model.  Propane refrigerators are very efficient today and much safer for indoor use than they used to be.  For really small applications or grid down scenarios, a 3 way mini fridge designed for camper trailers would be a great idea.  These will work on 120v AC, 12vDC, or propane.  Keep your refrigeration to one fridge.  Many people that have a second fridge, don't really need it and end up having a very old and inefficient secondary unit with little if anything in it.  Also, using almost 10% of your power, do you really want to double that number just for a few cold brews?  Freezers should be used at a minimum also.  Home can meat & veggies as much as possible so as to keep the size of freezer you need minimal.  Don't place your fridge or freezer next to the stove, as they will be fighting the heat output.  Clean the back coils of your fridge monthly to help it run better and always keep an inch or two clear on either side and in back.

I hope you enjoyed this series and maybe found some ways to conserve power.  This will greatly help for those of us that may wish to convert to at least partial alternate energy and save some money.  Remember that when disaster strikes and the grid goes down, tat generator or solar/wind system will not get you very much power at all, so learning how to live using less now will make living without the grid that much easier.

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