Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let Murphy Do His Worst

If you're anything like me, you have had your spring chore list ready to go since sometime in March.  You know the list...those yearly chores that need to get done such as raking up winter's debris, turning the garden soil, etc.  Add to that the other projects you may have elected to do like build a chicken coop, or expand the veggie patch and soon you have a calendar with something to do every weekend.  It has taken you lots of time to carefully plan out the chores so that each and every project gets done on time.Although you look at the list and have a hard time finding even an hour or two to sit in the spring sun with a well deserved beer(or iced tea if you prefer), you are confident that everything will come together.

Then along comes this dude named Murphy with his own ideas about your plans.  On the day you want to turn the garden soil, Murphy will send you a freak snow storm...and then that one is delayed at least a week.  Time to mend the fences around the yard?  Guess again as Murphy will make sure you lose the materials you had stored away last fall.  Want to dig the foundation for a chicken coop?  Guess what?  Murphy just put a giant boulder right in your way...costing you days of struggle to get it out.  This is Murphy and his laws...whatever could go wrong will go  wrong and we have all been subject to his pranks.

And it doesn't stop there...when you want to pack some buckets of wheat, your O2 absorbers will be dead.  Want to can up some meat chille?  Sorry, the seal on your canner lid is gone.  Plans to dehydrate veggies will some how turn sour.  It seams like almost every day we say to ourselves...I wanted to do this, but that happened!  Well, that's life.  I know it sucks, but we all have to deal with it.  Somehow you have to find the encouragement to continue.  Try not thinking so much about how much didn't get done, but what did or can get accomplished.  If we keep looking at how far behind we are in our plans, we will soon feel so overwhelmed that we give up.  You can't afford to do that.  Food and fuel prices will continue to rise, the economy will continue to get worse, and some sort of disaster MAY well be right around the corner.  Constantly update your projects by priority. In delaying a project this week, you may have to get some other things done before you can get back to it. The chicken coop will have to be done before the chicks are in at the Co-op.  The fence may have to wait a few more weeks, or painting the shed can be put off for another month perhaps.

So let Murphy do his worst, I say!  I will just do whatever I couldn't some other day, but soon.  In time it will all get done...just in time to start a new list.

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