Monday, May 9, 2011

Remember to Prepare All Year Long

I hope you all enjoyed last weeks series on back to basics prepping and hopefully some new preppers learned a thing or two.  Just because Emergency Preparedness Week is over, don't forget about your preps.  Once you have the basics done, keep watching for more info on taking your preps to the next levels.  Many reader here will prepare for an absolute worst case scenario where utilities are all out, supplies are cut off and society has degraded beyond recognition.  Does that mean we expect something like this to happen?  Not really, but if we are prepared for that, then we could handle ANYTHING that could come our way.  Start slowly, and shop smart.  You don't need to have the newest, fanciest, mot durable high tech gear to get through your average storm with a power failure, but you do need some basics.  If you are not new to prepping and want to teach new comers, point then in the direction of this site. All levels or preppers are welcome and if you are new to this, then welcome.  Learn, ask questions, share experiences at The Canadian Preppers Network Forum

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