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Repost From APN - Sunburn Tips

Sunburn Tips

These are some basic, common sense tips and welcome any/all suggestions, precautions and alternative options. Included links to a few other heat-related threads too. itsa

Now that summer is here and we’re all getting some natural Vitamin D outdoors, keep in mind those rays can cause some nasty sunburns. And since a sunburn slows the body’s ability to cool itself it could be extremely dangerous.

Did you know... usually burn within the first 10 minutes outdoors so apply sunscreen about 20 minutes BEFORE going outdoors so it can absorb into skin layers... esp your little ones!!!

...the most powerful sun (when you’ll burn the quickest) is between 10a and 3p?

...the skin burns twice as fast at 6,000 feet elevation than at sea level?

...some prescription drugs (like tetracycline, certain oral contraceptives, antihistamines and tranquilizers) have photosensitizing agents that can increase sunburning?

...more than one million new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year — more than all other cancers combined? And Arizona has higher skin cancer rates than any other state in the country.

Again ... sunblocks and lotions should be applied at least 20 minutes BEFORE going in the sun, especially on kids! Use one with SPF 30 or higher and 3 or 4 star UVA protection. If you are in the wilderness without screen or block, maybe try some charcoal or wood ashes. And always reapply lotions after swimming.

Remember... dark colors absorb heat so best to wear light or white colors to reflect sunlight. And you can get sunburned on cloudy days just as easily as sunny days - if you can see a shadow, you’re still catching some rays. Obviously fair skinned people are at higher risk of burns but people of color can burn just as easily.

Things to watch out for...
-- Blisters or bubbles on the skin
-- Swelling or pain

What to do...
-- Cool the burn by using cool cloths or pure aloe vera gel.
-- Get out of sun or cover up to avoid further damage.
-- Take care of blisters by loosely covering them and don’t pick at them!

To help relieve the pain from a sunburn if NO blisters exist:

Aloe vera - Break open a fresh leaf or use 96-100% pure aloe gel.

Baking soda - Add 1/2 cup baking soda to a warm bath and soak for half an hour.

Vinegar - Put some regular or cider vinegar on a cloth and apply to sunburned area.

Whole milk - Apply a cool compress soaked in whole milk to the area

Above extracted from IT'S A DISASTER! book ~ proceeds benefit APN

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Additional resources on skin cancer:

National Cancer Institute: Melanoma

American Cancer Society: Learn about skin cancer - melanoma ... tearea=CRI

Skin Cancer Foundation Melanoma

U of A’s Arizona Cancer Center

American Academy of Dermatology, Skincancernet ... hatis.html

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