Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cable Show Needs Canadian Preppers

People who are preparing to survive The End Of The World As We Know It(TEOTWAWKI).


* Are You Or Someone You Know, A Prepper?
* Are You Stocking Food And Water?
* Are You Developing Innovative Ways To Live More Sustainably, Off Grid, or Assessing Ways To Become More Self-Sufficient?
* Do You Have An Escape Route, Bunker, Or Hidden Shelter?
* Are You Preparing To Survive An Imminent "Doomsday"?

If you believe in 2012 predictions, nuclear holocaust, economic collapse, or any other "End Of The World As We Know It" Scenario, If you are a committed Prepper and want to educate others about the necessity to prepare, then you could star in this series!


* “PREPPER” Must Reside Within The United States, U.S Territories, Or Canada
* Ages 18+
* Looking For People Who Have Prepared To Survive Months Or Even Years!
* Specifically Looking For Truly Dedicated Prepeprs Who Have Made Prepping A Lifestyle.
* Serious Preppers Only. Do Not Submit If you Have Only Stocked Enough To Withstand A Bad Storm.

If Interested, Please Send A Description Of How You Are Preparing, What You Are Preparing For And Why To If Available, Please Also Include Any Photos, Articles, Or Videos That Will Help Us Asses The Extent Of Your Preparations. All Submissions Will Be Kept For Internal Use Only.


  1. Aside from the obvious operational security issues, I would recommend anyone considering this first look at how preppers were presented on "Doomsday Preppers", a National Geographic program that aired a while ago.

  2. Honestly the media in general is a complete waste of space, when oil pipelines crack leaking crude oil into a river they are silent in favour of some other waste of oxygen like a couple siblings getting married in London. People stranded in the middle of a nuclear meltdown and they fly around in their helicopter covering the event instead of helping evacuate people from the immediate contamination zone. The media covers every potential speed limit increases at the drop of a hat but they ignore parliament secretly declaring martial law on the city of Toronto.

    Governments are corporate businesses in existence to enslave us & the media is their PR firm. I'm about as willing to talk to media as I am the corporate mafia without a warrant!

    Their is no room for the kind of 'media' being offered today in a free country. There is not enough oxygen on the planet for a bunch of hot headed blabber mouths claiming to be impartial while secretly being on the government's payroll!

    I've got better things to do than to subject myself to the whims of any 'cable company' or other 'news' media outlet that refuses to cover Mark Carney running around at secret meetings of global businessmen and bankers on the taxpayer's dime. I've got better things to spend my time doing than giving content to the same folks who sensationalize the marriage of a couple siblings who are members of an outdated criminal establishment who's very existence violates the basic principals of common law!

    Needless to say I'm a little aggravated! I'm working three jobs and on a good week I'll spend less than 30 hours working all three of them.

    So maybe this 'cable company' could make a documentary or whatever they are doing to expose how Canadians are paying out the wazoo in taxes in a completely effed up economy to pay off debt to charter banks when we own the Bank of Canada that has the ability to give the government interest free loans? Hmmm? maybe address a real issue or two instead of wasting resources and/or demonizing those who just want to live to fight another day? I'm confident these producers have better ways to use their talents that will have an impact on our future instead of how we are forced to prepare for the lack thereof!

  3. Frazer...I really wish you would not hold back and tell us how you really feel.
    AD - I agree completely.
    Any other Canadians want to sent a resounding response?

  4. LOL, that was me being reserved :-p