Thursday, September 29, 2011

Homemade MRE's (Meal Ready to Eat)

Many of us have our get home kits in the car and bub out bags in the front hall closet but stocking them with food can be a challenge. One Idea is to pack up your own MRE's. If you have a household vacuum bag sealer great, but you can also use a straw and large size ziplock freezer bags.
Simply gather up a day's worth of individual sized foods and pack together in an airtight bag. To make your own individual serving packets, look for small ziplock baggies in the craft section of your local dollar store. Here are a few ideas...

Breakfast -
Individual size instant oatmeal (1)
Individual size dried fruit snack (1)
Individual size fruit drink mix (1) - try to get something with some vitamins in it
Individual size stone wheat crackers (1)
Individual size Peanut butter (1) - find these at Costco of at fast food restaurants
Individual size instant coffee (as many as usually needed to get the cobwebs out)
Individual size sugar (enough to be used with coffee)
Individual size coffee whitener (see sugar above)
Individual size intant milk powder (1)

Lunch -
Individual size instant soup mix (1) get a quick cooking type
Individual size lunch meat (1) tuna & crackers for example
Individual size fruit drink mix (1)
Individual tea bags (as needed)

Dinner -
Individual size instant rice or noodles (1)
Individual size canned meat (1) - fllaked ham, turkey, or vienna saussage
Individual size sauce or gravy mix (1)
Individual size dehydrated veggies (1)
Individual size hot cocoa mix (as needed)
Individual size fruit drink mix (1-2)
Individual size fruit cup (1)

Add to this -
Candy bar (1)
Chewing gum (1)
Plastic cutlery (as needed)
Wet naps (3)
Hard candy (1)
Granola bar or individual size nut snack (1)

Tips to make your own individual size packets -
Find various size ziplock baggies in the craft section of your local dollar store.
Pack serving sizes of dry ingrediants into these baggies.
For sauce or gravy mix, if more than just water is needed, premix dry substitutes such as milk powder into the mix before putting into baggies.
Include directions such as water requirements & cooking times.

Each vacuum bag or large ziplock should contain 1 day's worth of meals and will fit nicely into a BOB or GHB.


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