Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Take time to stop and smell the roses

It’s easy to get caught up in the constant strive for self reliance.  Stockpiling food & supplies becomes so engrained in a prepper’s mind that everything we do relates somehow to growing the already substantial store of rice, beans & bandaids.  Every day, we go over our lists and keep a watchful eye for special offers, coupons, and garage sales.  No sooner do we hit our target of a certain item that we notice yet another weakness in our plans.
                True, as preppers, we need to be ever vigilant and always aware of what could happen in the future, but is it possible to go too far?  Recently, I chose a corner outside my house and dug up a flower garden.  Some of my prepper friends asked “what kind of survival flowers will you grow?”  To be honest, I hadn’t thought of any survival, medicinal, or other prepper related plants at all.  You see, my wife like flowers; and so, I gave her a flower garden.  A place to grow beautiful, fragrant flowers.  I am sure that next spring, we will have an array of colourful flowers filling the bed and attracting all sorts of birds & butterflies.
                My point is that not everything we do in life HAS to be prepper related.  Sometimes you just want  to do something for the sake of doing it.  Now that we have a flower bed ready to be planted, I am sure we will be stopping more often to smell the roses, tulips, marigolds, lupins...well, you get the idea.

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  1. I fully agree! I spent years sacrificing present enjoyment for the fear of the future way to long. I love roses so my husband has a variety to tend (he loves roses as well) and I get to enjoy them! Smelling the roses is part of enjoying life. Being prepared should give time for present joys as well. Thanks for sharing this idea!