Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tornadoes & Earthquakes & Hurricanes, OH MY!

Dorothy certainly had plenty to worry about as she began her stroll down the yellow brick road.  Much the same way we live our lives on a day to day basis, there are dangers that can jump out of the woods at us at any time.  Given recent events, no one can now deny that disaster can strike at any time.  The first hurricane of the season reminded us that "stuff happens".  Add to that tornado in Goderich, Ont and an earthquake in Virginia strong enough to be felt in Montreal and you have the trifecta of natural disasters in the space of just over a week. Does this mean that the earth is falling apart at the seams and the end is near?  No, more like the luck of the draw.  But mother nature has just given us a smack upside the head.  A reminder if you will that anything can happen at any time.  But just as Dorothy learned how to deal with the dangers that lurked all around her, we too can be ready for what life will toss into our paths.  Go back and review every "beginners prepping" post, podcast, or whatever you can find and remind yourselves of the basics.  You may surprise yourself as to what you may have forgotten or overlooked.  Be ready with water, food, shelter and energy and you should be able to make it through to see Saint Nick jumping down your neighbor's chimney.  Provided they didn't get destroyed by the lions and tigers and bears..........OH MY!

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