Sunday, October 30, 2011

Canada to Scrap Long Gun Registry

It would seem as though a miracle were about to happen...a politician is about to keep a campaign promise.
The Conservative government has tabled legislation to not only scrap the long gun registry, but also destroy the records already there.
Along with the estimated $22 million per year to maintain the registry, the government also cited the fact that the registry targets law abiding gun owners instead of criminals as a reason for scraping the registry. Restricted firearms will still have to be registered and proper licensing will also be in force for ownership & purchase of a long gun or ammunition.
with a Conservative majority, the law, tabled on Oct.25th is expected to pass into law shortly after it's third reading, depending on the opposition.
An estimated 7.1 million long guns are in the registry.


  1. About time, definitely. The long gun registry was not liked even by the police, the very people it was supposed to help.

  2. The LGR never worked so it was a no brainer to ditch the damn thing