Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Persistance Gets Results

I sat down recently to give some serious thought as to where my preps are in comparison to where my prep plans should have me be. It soon became obvious that I was way behind. At this point in time, the 1st extension to the house was to have been long finished, but I am still working on the finish work inside and the siding outside. I should have 10 cords of wood put up but instead only have 4. The garden was supposed to have been harvested for the winter, but instead, I am still working on turning the soil and have yet to plant a single seed.
From chicken coop building to having x number of buckets packed with long term food storage, I find myself way behind in almost all aspects of my prep plans. Does this discourage me? well a little, but what can I do?
First off, maybe I was a little ambitious in my plans. But then again, I have been working more than expected and building time has been limited. Did I really think I could have a chicken coop complete with brooder built before the winter set in and ready for my spring chicks next year?
As I ponder how many projects have fallen by the wayside, I decide that there is only one thing left to do. Replan. Simple...list, in order of priority, all the projects left to be completed. Then think about what can and can't be done right now. Honestly, I can't get the chicken coop built until mid summer, so chickens, and unfortunately, fresh daily eggs will have to wait another year. As for the garden, well, there is already a lot of land turned, so I can plant in the spring, even if it is not everything I wanted to. So then priority 1 is to complete construction and to get more firewood in.
The lesson learned? Well even the best laid plans can go wrong. The only thing that can be done is to re-establish priorities and set out a new timeline. In the end, everything WILL get done. I just have to keep at it. Persistance is and will continue to get results...just don't give up.

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