Saturday, December 24, 2011

Best Wishes

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all the very best during the holiday season. Since this site was revitalized in the spring, interest has grown and participation has skyrocketed.
A very special thanks goes out to all the contributers that have made this possible...

Ancient Dragon
The Real Tabby

You have all helped bring this site back to an active status, and therefore, help spread the word about preparedness and self reliance.

Of course, this would all be for nothing without you, our faithful readers.

Also, not to be forgotten is Dwight from Briden Solutions, who has directed many people to this blog as well as the forum.

Last, but certainly not least is North Idaho Patriot. Without him, all this would not be possible.

So to all of you, authors, readers, and creators...

Merry Christmas, and all the best to you and your families.

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  1. Thanks Denob - Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year to all!