Thursday, December 8, 2011

OPSEC when Moving

Moving is really on my mind because I'm moving in 10 days. What am I forgetting?  Oh yeah, I still have to PACK!!!

Packing aside, a recent concern of mine is OPSEC.  As economic issues in the world seem to be coming to a head, I wonder if the time is near when my preps will become a necessity instead of an eccentricity.  I don't want to compromise my supplies by allowing them to become public knowledge.

I'm using a moving company this time around.  This brings a new concern to the table.  If they are hauling hampers full of canned goods and going into my storage room to lug boxes, what are the chances they are going to remember that room when there is no food to be found?  Moving hundreds of pounds of canned foods is bound to make an impression!

However, I have an evil plan.   Using my love for hiding things in plain sight, I'm going to box up my food stores and mark them in secret code.  Shhh....I'll let you use my secret decoder ring!

BABY BOOKS:  Canned vegetables, spaghetti sauce
BABY TOYS:  Canned and dried fruits
BABY CLOTHES:  Dried goods like pasta and dry cereal
CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS: Baking supplies and flour
HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS: Juices and drink mixes

You get the drift. 

In fact, I liked this idea so much, I decided to incorporate it into OPSEC for the new house!  Imagine you have a repairman poking around the basement to fix your furnace.  Is he going to give a second glance to box after box of baby stuff and holiday decorations?

Besides my supply of food, I have enough water stored to last us for a month.  For those of you doing the math, that is 110 gallons of water.  Divide that into 2 litre bottles and you have...................190 two litre bottles and 6 five gallon jugs. LOTSA WATER!!!

Clearly, I'm not paying someone to lug all that water over there.  I feel terrible about dumping it, but I'm going to empty my 2 liter bottles into the tub and throw them into a big garbage bag.  Okay, a few big garbage bags.  Once we get moved and everyone is gone, I will refill them again.  I'm going to put them one deep at the back of the storage shelves and put boxes in front of them.  It took so long to collect that many bottles, I don't want to start all over again despite the fact that I really love Diet Coke.

Other prepping items are less likely to draw attention.  Camping supplies are simply camping supplies, candles will be in a box and so will extra batteries, etc.  I'm not too concerned that somebody will covet my 27 bottles of shampoo or my 60 bars of Ivory soap. 

Have you ever had to move your preps?  What did you do to camouflage your supplies?  Do you do anything to disguise your storage in your home?


  1. Perect timing for me to notice this post. Keep it up guys!.

  2. I hope your move is going well Daisy - any comments on your boxes from the moving crew??

  3. It sounds nice in theory, but if you think you are fooling the movers, think again.

    A box full of canned goods doesn't feel or sound like a box of books. Nobody's Christmas ornaments are as heavy as a box full of spaghetti noodles. The movers probably don't care what in in each box, but if you start acting cagey about it all, you're going to attract attention.

    I suggest that you move the more sensitive items by yourself. Guns, Ammunition, and high value items should not be trusted to movers in the first place.

    If you are moving across town, go ahead and borrow a truck for a day (I think Home depot rents them for $20 or so) and move it yourself. If you are moving further than that, I suggest you sit down and calculate how much it is going to cost to ship those heavy canned goods, compared to the cost of replacement, and consider donating it to a worthy cause (if you can find one).

    Regardless, I am uncomfortable with lying to people. If I have to lie, I may be dealing with the wrong moving company.

  4. Anon - I don't see that this is lying - I see it as misdirection. It's none of the moving guys business what's in the box -true - but it's a small measure of security for prying eyes as boxes are being loaded and unloaded.

    All my boxes came from the grocery store so by definition I was moving lots of bananas!

  5. Honestly, I think it would be best to try to move the preps yourself ahead of a truck or do multiple trips with the family car if it's not too far. Once they are at the new home, a pile of anonymous boxes is quite inconspicuous.