Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Live" Security

In prepper circles, the question of home security is one of the most discussed topics. Many home security systems require electricity to run and when the power goes out, you will be left with only a few hours of battery power to run your system.

Dogs offer both pre and post SHTF security. Having a dog or two will keep prying eyes away from your preps and deter those who would be interested in your supplies after a disaster.
But not every dog is an ideal watcher. Tiny purse dogs are usually great for alarm systems, making lots of noise when an intruder is near, but does little to actually deter anyone. On the other hand overly large dogs can be a burden to feed and require lots of space to run around.

A properly trained, medium to large dog will do wonders for security and OPSEC. Training is not always easy, and unless you have experience with canines and LOTS of time, you may want to consider professional help. There are many people who will spew rhetoric about so called aggressive breeds. I for one do not believe that a pit bull is automatically a vicious animal. Raised properly from a young age, these breeds can be as cute and cuddly as any other dog. However, these myths can work to your advantage. The mere sight of a doberman can send chills down the spine of the most determined would be intruder, even if it is the most gentle thing on the block.

There are concerns to be considered however, such as fencing in your property, as a loose dog can be a liability should it attack another animal or person. Dogs require constant supervision, just like infants, and can also restrict travel or vacation time. Also, proper veterinary care on a regular basis will add to the costs for vaccinations and other health issues that can arise.

Having pets is a big responsibility, but the rewards in the form of loyal companionship as well as home security that doesn't fail in a grid down situation can be priceless.

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