Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Predictions of WW3

Most of you know me well enough by now to know that there are two topics I avoid discussing...religion and politics. The reason being is that neither of these topics seemed to be linked into the BASIC prepper mindset. Well, as far as politics is concerned, my opinion has now changed.

We are all aware of the predictions of 2012 being a turning point in human history. It has also long been predicted that WW3 would begin around this time, precipitated from the middle east. Well, now we have Israel itching to bomb the crap out of Iran in a preemptive strike to protect itself from a perceived threat of nuclear attack. When you take a look at the predictions, then a look at what is happening in the world today, it makes one stop and think.

Let's just assume that Iran has been developing nuclear technology for the sole purpose of energy. What would a military strike on these installations mean? Japan's recent disaster must have taught us something! And on the other hand, if Iran has developed nuclear weapons, the impact of military action would surely mean dire consequences.

It would seem that WW3 is a real possibility in the near future, should cooler heads not prevail in the current political arena. Am I trying to alert Canadians to the treat of nuclear missiles dropping on our heads? Absolutely not. But we can take a look at history and remember what war time has brought in hardships in the past. As military spending skyrockets, social spending suffers. Women began taking on jobs reserved for men back in the wake of the last world war. Metals and other resources needed to keep the war effort on track became scarce and rare to the population. Food shortages were a concern for all and frugality became the rule of household economics.

We, as preppers should be ready for what may become a reality. Remember your basic prepping and self reliance. Gardening, urban farming, cash and food know the list well. I in no way am saying that the world is about to be annihilated in a cloud of nuclear fallout, but that current political instability cannot be ignored.


  1. Hey, don't go overboard! If Israel does ANYTHING it's to strike the plant where the Iranians are ATTEMPTING to enrich uranium. It's an underground bunker, not a fully operational nuclear plant. Yes, the consequences will be dire, mostly to Iran's Ahma-the-nut-job leader (wounded ego).
    By the way, Israel has prevented other attempts to create the bomb, namely in SYRIA (and thank God for that, right?) and Iraq. Did we experience a ``nuclear winter``? Anything like what happened in Japan? Have you even heard about this?
    I DO think we have to be prepared for anything, but it seems that the WEATHER in Canada and the US does more damage than the middle east!!!li

  2. I do believe in being prepared for events and to me that means being away from a major city center as that would be the most likely place for a terror attack such as an RDD but as for missiles actually reaching anywhere around the US or Canada, We have a substantial measures in place to intercept them in the atmosphere or space prior to them reaching us. That may leave room for a air burst EMP which is easy to prep for but I don't believe that this will spark up WW3 anytime soon. Does this mean we ignore your article? nope. I think that there is defiantly something to watch here! Thanks for your article and your time!

  3. The real threat is the fact that both China and Russia have invested interests in Iran and both have strong commercial ties with the persian country. That fact is at the very core of what could spark the powder keg. Hopefully, rational minds will prevail!!!

  4. Oh another anti - Israeli operated site?
    Most of us are not interested in making up bad press against the Jews, they have suffered enough over the years, they are a tiny country being hounded by the Muslims, Russians, some Americans, and various east european countries.

    NO Jews do not start wars, they are trying to protect themselves!

    And you, the Moderator saying you don't like using Politics or Religion , that's EXACTLY what you are purporting to advance! Shame!

    I guess I'll look for another site, that is not anti semetic.

  5. How dare you accuse me of being anti semetic. The actions of politicians in Israel have NOTHING to do with being jewish. This is NOT an anti semetic site and your posting as anonymous just goes to show your cowardice. My point was that cooler heads were needed in order to avoid an incident that would likely affect the entire world. Also, what bad press did I make up? If you have points to make, make them and include some supporting facts, don't just make an accusation then hide and run away!

  6. if ww3 happens and no one support canada then canada is fucked