Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Emergency Preparedness Week - Day 4

A big part of being prepared is knowing what to be prepared for. Let's face it, there's little use preparing for a tornado when you live in earthquake territory. Knowing the risks local to your area is the number one step to being ready to "weather the storm", bad pun intended. Of course, job loss, bank failures, and other economic disasters are of great concern, but the natural and man made disasters that could befall you are equally important. If you live near a railroad or airport, you may want to consider having the grab n go kit ready in case of a derailment or air accident. Living near a river would dictate that you be ready for flooding. It takes a bit of common sense to look at your surroundings and evaluate the risks, but there is also a fantastic tool to help.

The Canadian Disaster Database will show you what has happened in your area in the past as well as outline casualties and financial effects of the disaster. Visit the database here...

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