Monday, July 2, 2012

Mountainman's Roadtrip Update

Howdy Folks,

It has been a great journey so far!! WOW!! Canada Day in Ottawa. A must see, at least once in a lifetime, for every Canadian.

Sorry for the big delay since my last post. I have had some tech difficulties, lack of time and a lack of internet access. After an 18 hour day touring the Nation's Capital and a glitch at the campsite, kept me off the air.

So, sorry JustABear, that we could not meet up at Fergus.

I will check for PM's before we hit the road in the morning. We are currently just East of Quebec City, continueing our travels Eastward. Should be in New Brunswick tomorrow, around their capital.

What have I noticed during this tri across our great country?? Well, I notice how similar we are from West to East. The land and terrain may change but the people are great. Other observations. Those who mentioned setting up camp on the Bruce Peninsula, if you are near the top, I see no reason why this would not work. Great farmland, great woodlots, defendable areas. Climate seems good, first crops were being harvested as we passed through the area = long growing season compared to the Prairies. You would probably get two harvests instead of one on the Prairies.

The Townships South and East of Ottawa look good too. Not sure of price in that area. The area around Lake Superior between Thunder Bay and The Soo, very wild.

Well that is it for now,


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