Thursday, November 8, 2012

Paracord Bracelets

Paracord Bracelets

Paracord bracelets are pretty popular right now and for good reason. Depending on your wrist size, it can give you seven or eight feet of available paracord to use. I wanted one for awhile but I found the cost to buy and ship was a little high. Instead, I bought the stuff and made 10 for the price of buying three and I still have 40 clips.

My initial cost was total $36 for 50 clips (1 inch x 1/2 inch) and 100 feet of paracord. My cost per bracelet was about $1.52, well below the average price to buy one anywhere.

What I used:
-7 or 8 feet of paracord, depending on the size
-measuring tape
-scissors (cut cord to size, snip off ends)
-lighter (needed to burn the ends of the finished product)
-clip (can be omitted of you use a knot closure)
-hairpin or bobby pin or binder clip (to hold your place)

How I did it:
Step 1- Measure the wrist. Convert the number of inches measured into feet. For example, seven inches (around the wrist) will equal about seven feet of paracord. Remember to leave some room when measuring so the finished product is not too tight.
Step 2- Cut your length of cord and fold it in half. Separate your clip and attach the female part by inserting the folded part of your paracord through the buckle. Now take that loop and pull your length of cord through while holding the buckle firm.
Step 2
Step 3- Measure down the length from your clip the same measurement as your wrist (e.g. 7") down and place your pin there to hold your place.
Step 3
Step 4- Place the male end of the clip by threading the loose strands through the buckle and sliding it up to your pin/ marker. Fold the loose ends at that place and begin to make your knots.
Step 5- I start on the right side, using the right piece of cord, take the end and thread it under the centre two pieces, and over the left piece. Then take your left piece and thread it over the center and through the loop. Pull tight and remove your pin/ marker. It helps me to remember "Under, over for 1, then over, through for the 2nd". Continue to make your knots alternating from left to right until you reach the female clip. It helps to pull the knots tightly and push them up on the bracelet for a tighter finished product.
Step 5
Step 6- When you get to the end and you've made your last knot, hopefully you have a little bit of extra cord. Pull your last knot as tight as it will go then cut the ends as close to the knot as you can without cutting it too close. Now melt the ends slightly with your lighter. I like to push the burned end down with my scissors so it looks flatter and won't rub on the wrist.
Step 6
I liked the finished product but I did notice that mine was thinner then some others that I had seen. I prefer it 1/2" wide, and that is what you will get with these directions.
I know it might sound difficult, but it's really just one of those things you have to do to learn and it really is not hard once you do it. My first one looked like it had suffered through unspeakable trauma but the second one turned out great.
Practice really was the key and now I can churn them out in a few minutes.
These make great gifts, or stocking stuffers. You can even get creative and make keychains, zipper pulls, belts, or anything else you can think up.
Good luck, don't get discouraged and have fun.


  1. Hey there,
    will you be willing to do another paracord wrapping article on Staffs and handles of knives, please?
    Cheers WildE

  2. I am in Ontario, Peterborough actually. Where can I find paracord here? I have seen some iffy "paracord" @ CDN Tire. Where can I get some decent paracord without paying a TON in shipping?

    Would love an email response (I don't see where I can subscribe to this post comments...).



  3. I was able to buy some at my local dollar store.

  4. seems like good place to order paracord, large quantities available.

  5. Hi WildE
    Sorry it took so long to respond, I don't usually get comments. I will work on doing a post to wrap handles for the future. Thanks so much for the input.
    Much appreciated!!

    Hi Simon,
    I found the best place to buy paracord at reasonable prices was at my local army surplus store or outdoor store.
    I looked around on the internet for stores in Peterborough and although you do have army surplus and outdoor stores near you, I didn't find that any advertised the sale of paracord on the site.
    I buy it for about $12-$14 for one hundred feet. The price does go down if you buy it in larger amounts. I wish I knew your area better, but that's the best I can offer.
    I wish you luck, and I will email you this response.

  6. Peterborough has Sargent's Army/Military surplus and they sell Paracord.