Monday, November 19, 2012

Science Fiction Becomes Reality With CHAMP

Until now, most of us had only 2 sources of an EMP to worry about. The first, and arguably the least severe is solar related. Geomagnetic activity from solar flares and CMEs have been known to knock out power gids, albeit for a short time. High altitude nuclear detonations seem a little more worrisome for preppers, as the high intensity EMP from such a blast is believed to cause very widespread and detrimental effects on power grids and electronics.
Preppers have been researching ways to protect their electronics, generate their own power, and protect and repair damaged vehicles. There are countless disagreements about grounding Faraday cages or not, discussions on older vehicles without modern computers and what parts to stock up on to repair them, and numerous forum and blog posts about what types of alternative power generation could be used after such an event.
Just when we thought we were making headway on the topic, along comes a new threat regarding damaging EMPs. Enter Boeing's CHAMP weapon. CHAMP - Counter-electronics High powered Advanced Missile Project is the latest EMP device in the world today. A recent test flight of CHAMP successfully disabled power, computers, and even the video cameras set up to record the event. It is now evident that the scientific and military world have a really good understanding of EMP power and it's uses and effects.
This, of course, raises a whole new set of concerns from the prepper community. Just because the US is the first to disclose the existence of such a weapon, doesn't ensure that other, less western friendly countries don't already have the technology, or won't possess it soon. Although I can't see terrorist organizations using this exact model, I can see how they could adapt the technology into other delivery systems. Of course, there is also the concern that our own governments could us this weapon against it's own population, but as you all know by now, I really don't subscribe to such paranoid conspiracy theories.
Take a look at this video from Boeing...


  1. Well that can't be good. The scary part is how they are all proud of themselves, of their successful run. They won't be proud when the enemy turns it against us. Another good reason to live on a farm and be self sufficient.

  2. Here it is.
    It is THE official U.S. government sponsored report on the EMP threat:

    The EMP threat both from a high altitude nuclear detonation or from a massive earth directed solar flare is the single most important reason to prep. A successful EMP attack would take down the north American power grid for months resulting in the death of the majority of the population of the United States due to starvation and dehydration. This is not a mater of opinion. There has been plenty of testing of the effects of exo-atmospheric nuclear detonations since the early 60’s.
    Have you noticed how everyone has heard about the Mayan calendar (2012 non-event)? It is a joke and people are prepping for it. The EMP issue needs to eclipse the 2012 issue and fast. Every adult needs to know about this threat to their survival and they need to know that this government sponsored report and others exist.
    Think for a moment and realize that the US military, CIA and federal government have been making enemies all over the world since the end of world war 2. And all our enemies know about the EMP effect. Last of all, realize that this involves 1950’s high technology. We are toast. It is just a matter of time. This isn’t zombie apocalypse or 2012 or planet X. It is the real deal and everyone needs to know. Can you imagine FEMA (or the Canadian equivalent) springing into action when the grid goes down. FEMA ran out of bottled water a couple of days after hurricane Sandy hit. They had to contact vendors to get bids to place an order. Kind of late for that. So the grid goes down and they need to place an order for diesel generators. Ooops can’t make a phone call. Can’t e-mail or text. Can’t send a fax. We are on our own. This is the reason to prep.



  3. Insanity only makes sense to the insane..they are just too busy trying to kill us all to notice..:)

  4. Thanks for making the EMP threat an issue again. It needs to be common knowledge. People need to know how bad it could be.

    I was recently reading about the Starfish Prime testing back in the 1960’s (1962?). The device used was a 1.4 megaton device if I am not mistaken. It caused damage to electrical systems in Hawaii which was about 1000 miles away. Come to find out, Uranium type fission only devices are way more efficient at producing EMP pulses than the larger fusion devices. One 10 kiloton pure Fission devices can produce an EMP that is 40 percent of the 1.44 megaton Starfish Prime device. It would appear that two or three 10 kiloton devices would be equivalent to one B-83 (1.2 megaton device which is a part of the U.S. active arsenal) . Here is the source:

    This should be interesting reading in regard to the size, type and number of devices needed to produce an effective EMP attack (in particular, the section on weapon yield).
    So the point is 1960’s high technology is not need for an EMP attack. 1940’s high technology will work just fine.


  5. I'm upset with you preppers because you're all selfish. The threat of an EMP attack is indeed scary, but instead of storing up food for 10 years, how about insisting to your MP that he speaks up about hardening Canada's electrical grid? It's relatively inexpensive to protect the grid, but no-one is making a big fuss about it so the Gov't does nothing. It seems preppers are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars saving themselves, when they could just spend a lot less, lobby their MP to harden the electrical grid AND HELP EVERYBODY.