Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Doomsday Preppers on Prepper Broadcasting

OK folks, you're all gonna want to catch this one...
Tonight on GoatHollow and The Surreal News, show host Doug will have a very special guest.
None other than Brooklyn Bagwell, casting director for National Geographic's Doomsday Preppers.
This is a live show, so you can call in with your questions or comments!
DO NOT MISS THIS!!! ... at-hollow/


  1. i am in Calif. but i am a Canadian citizen (never lived there, though--that i remember LOL)but do you have the same fears there to prep for that we do here? for example, 9-11 type attacks by other countries? Nuclear attacks? Bio attacks?

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  3. Some of us yes are preparing others are not aware of anything

  4. We're prepping for the shoot-everything americans that will come up here trying to get away from their future civil war that will destroy their country. The catch 22 is that people like Alex Jones will start it in hopes of preventing it.

  5. We don't have the same system that you folks have. We also don't have the guns. We do have our OWN brand of snakes running the country. However, we won't have to worry about some A-hole stripping us of our 1st and 2nd.
    The problem is, that when you guys go down for whatever reason. You'll drag us down with you. We deal differently with our Ejected Prime Ministers. We kick them out, let them sue us for millions and then they leave to live in the US and teach politics. You guys have the guns. You figure it out. Looks pretty simple to me. Comon up and visit us. The CIA FBI and Homeland Security have offices in every major city in Canada. So, I guess that we're also owned by the GLOBALISTS and part of the NEW WORLD ORDER. We'll have our own problems when the S... hits the fan in the US. I suggest that you "come home" when it starts to deteriorate.