Monday, April 15, 2013

Product Review - Armageddon Preppin

OK, you know how everyone tells you to put a deck of cards or a board game into your emergency supplies to ward off boredom?  Have you ever thought to yourself that you wish there was something more in tune with your prepping endeavors to play?  Well, now there is!
I recently got an advance edition of a brand new card game called Armageddon Preppin. Armageddon Preppin is, as I mentioned a card game, but with a twist that I haven't seen yet.  In the game, you are the leader of a family, or prepper group if you like and have to decide how many members to keep in the shelter and how many will go out into the world to gather supplies in the form of food, water, and know, the 3 basics of life.  Each turn around the table sees a disaster strike, which uses up your supplies, or even kills off part of your group.  The object, of course, is to be the last leader standing.
When you first open the game, the instruction sheet can be a little intimidating, but don't let it scare you.  Just sit down with a few of your prepper buddies and do a practice round to get the hang of it.  I promise, it comes easy.
The cards themselves (there are 96 in a deck) are well made and will stand up to the tests of time.  On the other hand, the family markers seem a bit flimsy.  Of course, when they wear out, you can always use match sticks, buttons, or whatever you have on hand.  After all, you're a prepper and that means you're resourceful, right?  Not to worry though, the boys that came up with the game will also be introducing wooden markers that will out survive even the best of prepers.  Not to mention the bug out box also available...a sturdy wooden carry case for the entire game.
It's about time someone came up with a game meant for preppers!
Thanks to all involved!

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