Saturday, May 11, 2013

Emergency Preparedness Week 2013 - Get a Kit

 Although the jist of the 72 hrs campaign is to assemble a home emergency kit, I thought it might be a good idea today to go over how to pack up an evacuation go pack, more commonly known as a bug out bag.

Think of it this way,
You are awakened in the wee hours of the night by emergency crews pounding on your door.  A wild fire, hurricane, tsunami, or other natural or man made disaster is imminent.  You have to leave....NOW.  Your allowable time to pack is ZERO.  If you have been paying attention, you grab your BOB and go, if not, well, you're buggered.  If you still don't have a BOB for every member of the family near the front door...what are you waiting for? A disaster? Too late!  Trust me, get a bag together ASAP.  Here are some ideas what to put into it.

Complete change of clothing...
Consider the climate and current season, running out the door in February with a spare t-shirt and shorts is not exactly helpful.  Keep extra socks too...dry feet are happy feet.

Drinking water...
2l per day for drinking + 2l per day for sanitation.  Plan for a 3 day supply.

ready to eat, without heating.  Avoid dehydrated foods as they require precious (not to mention heavy to carry) water.

Flashlight & radio...
Forget about the battery types and get a crank model.  They are now inexpensive enough for everyone to afford.  I got mine at Canadian Tire for around $15.00.  Flashlight/AM/FM Radio combo.

Toiletry Kit...
toilet paper a must, feminin products for those who need them.

prescriptions for a week + over the counter stuff like pain relievers, antihistamines, etc.

very important....keep copies of important documents, family photos, and anything invaluable that can be digitized.  This includes insurance policies, house deeds, banking records.

Trust me people, this can make even government run shelter life more pleasant, or at least tolerable.

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  1. The usb drive is a great idea, something I have overlooked.