Thursday, May 9, 2013

Emergency Preparedness Week 2013 - Having A Plan

The second basic step to being prepared is also this year's theme for EP Week, making a plan.  Having an emergency plan in place before hand can avoid confusion and save valuable time during an event.  When disaster strikes, people naturally become confused or disoriented.  By taking a few minutes to make a plan can alleviate much of the stress involved with emergency situations.  Emergencies take on many scenarios which can be broken down into 3 types which are:
  1. Home 
  2. Local Neighborhood
  3. Wide Area
 Some of the most likely emergencies to affect your home would be fire, gas leak, or other such emergencies.  Plan how to safely exit each and every room in your home and have a secondary exit as well.  Designate a meeting place that is a safe distance from your home that everyone knows and can get to easily.  This could be a tree on the front lawn, the driveway, or other such area. 

Sometimes, your local neighborhood could be affected and access cut off.  Designate at least two meeting places such as a nearby school, library, or other safe place.  Make sure that everyone in the family knows where they are and how to get there.  You may be asked to shut off utilities before evacuating so make sure that everyone who is old enough to do so knows the location of utility entries and how to properly shut them off.  In the case of gas or water, a tool such as a wrench may be needed, so have one specifically for that purpose located at the service entrance.

Wide area emergencies can and do happen more often that we would like.  Make sure that every member of your home has and carries an information package at all times.  This package should include:
  • In town and out of town contact information
  • medical information such as the names of prescription medications, dosage and frequency (an old label from a prescription bottle is a great idea)
  • list of meeting places and maps of how to get there
  • emergency contact information
  • some change to make phone calls from a public phone
  • a cell phone with text capability
These are just a few tips on making an emergency plan and are by no means a complete guide.  For more information on creating your basic family emergency plan visit Get Prepared dot ca.  For even better information on emergency preparedness, subscribe to this blog or visit the Canadian Preppers Network Forum.

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