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Emergency Air for Shelter-in-Place Preppers and Home-Built Bunkers - Frank Bohan

F.J. Bohan is the author of three books: Living on the Edge: A Family's Journey to Self-Sufficiency, Barbed Wire, Barricades, and Bunkers: The Free Citizen's Guide to Fortifying the Home Retreat, and his latest work: Emergency Air for Shelter-In-Place Preppers and Home Built Bunkers which is due out shortly from Paladin Press.
With over thirty years' experience as a survivalist and homesteader, F.J. is happy to share the lessons he has learned from casual observations and just living on the planet, in order to help others. He believes that being a "prepper" is a primary character trait of all survivalists and homesteaders and that helping others to prepare can only make our country and communities stronger when a crisis occurs.
His books address how the average, low-to-middle income prepper can enjoy the same level of security and preparedness as the elite and wealthy do for less. He stresses that clean air, fresh water, and a library of hard copy books are the keys to any prepper's survival in the times ahead.
His latest book; Emergency Air, should be in every home and office in the country. There's not a survival or prepper book available that's not complete without adding this book to it.
He enjoys fishing, hunting, and drinking coffee and is often shamed into helping his wife around the homestead.
His articles can be found around the net and in great magazines like "Backwoods Home Magazine".


The Most Important Prepper Book of the Decade!
by F.J. Bohan
Of all the subjects discussed by preppers and survivalists, there is one that has been painfully ignored or completely overlooked. Often, it has been artfully sidestepped because there are virtually no solutions being offered anywhere about it. What has been written is considered rudimentary or dated at best. It’s a subject that is notably absent from the survivalist gurus’ blogs and websites and rarely shows up as a chapter in any of the countless books available on preparing.
While writing Barbed Wire, Barricades and Bunkers, even I shamefully danced in the opposite direction from the subject and omitted it completely. Yet, even as no one offers reasonable solutions to the problem, preppers and survivalists boldly ask, "What about air?”
For the majority here on earth, air has been plentiful; however,  preppers and survivalists realize our supply of  breathable air can rapidly become limited when following FEMA or CDC suggestions when sheltering-in-place using duct tape and plastic sheeting or when closing up a home-built buried shelter for protection. It only takes four minutes without breathable air and you'll be dead, leaving all the prepping, planning, and provisions you have stored up for disasters to the looters or the caravans of government trucks that will be loaded up with your beans, rice, and beef jerky to feed the refugees in FEMA camps. Clearly, this is not what good planning looks like.
Shortly after the events of 9-11, DHS, FEMA, and the CDC all identified various potential threats to the American public and recommended anyone caught in a threat-affected area seal themselves inside a room in their home or office to protect them from the hazardous particles floating in the air. The hazardous particles identified included anthrax, radioactive/nuclear fallout (in the event of a nuclear strike), dirty-bomb dust and particulates, bacteria, and pandemic viruses.
Once sealed in your home or office (having used duct tape and plastic sheeting to cover doors, windows, and vents), you are told to stay put and listen to the media for the "all's clear” signal to be given by officials. Once the signal is given, you are to quickly open all the windows and doors in order to ventilate the room.
This plan set forth by our government has been said by many to be ill-advised or even dangerous. Many people joked that "you might as well tape a plastic bag over your head", realizing how limited the air supply would be for even a small group of people sealed in a room. The only alternative offered by FEMA is to follow another government recommendation and spend thousands of dollars to install a safe room in your home which includes a costly air filtration system that would maintain a constant overpressure in your safe room.
At least this suggestion makes some sense if you have the funds, but in today's economy very few people can afford such luxuries. This leaves the notion of safe, breathable air reserved only for the wealthy and elite.
Several additional, yet useless, suggestions were also made to the public including the installation of air-purifiers in your sealed room or an upgraded HEPA in your home or office's HVAC system. At face value these suggestions might appear worthy to some, but considering that both of these types of filter systems only filter the air that’s already in the room both become silly notions and not real solutions. What's the point if you're already exposed to the hazards?
In my opinion the plan suggested by the government is problematic, at best. Clearly, for the majority of people in a hazardous region, there will be many citizens running out of breathable air in their sealed shelters long before any "all's clear” signal is released to the media by officials. For these people there are only two choices. They can either open a door or window and be exposed to the airborne threat, or they can quietly suffocate at home with their families.
It can be imagined that, in some instances, there may not even be a real danger - only the report of a threat - that prompts preppers to seal their homes and perish while waiting for the "all's clear" to be given. There can be no doubt that their deaths would then be reported as casualties of the "attack" or victims of terrorism.  
After much research and consideration, I developed what I believe to be an affordable and easy fix to this problem and perhaps the only real solution to the issues created when anyone seals up inside an airtight, confined space. My goal in writing this book was to offer preppers and survivalists fresh information and up-to-date ideas as to how they can truly be prepared for these types of threats and not fall victim to shortsighted and feel-good measures repeated by many.
In the book I offer several affordable solutions that any individual, family, or group can use for protection from hazardous particles in the air. My solutions can be used for protection from anthrax, pandemic viruses, bacteria, radioactive nuclear fallout, dirty-bomb particles, and many other hazardous solids floating in the air.
Working in conjunction with Paladin Press, all this information is in my new book, Emergency Air for Shelter-in-Place Preppers and Home-Built Bunkers, now available from Paladin Press. (122 pages, $10)
After discussing and demonstrating my ideas to several emergency management officials, they agreed that if the information in my book was used during any of the above mentioned emergencies while sheltering-in-place, my affordable suggestions would save lives.
Every home and office that has a shelter-in-place plan needs this book! If you don’t have a shelter-in-place plan yet, you will after learning this information. Everyone can be prepared for the bird-flu or SARs-like viruses by sheltering-in-place and filtering the air before it gets into your shelter. Know what it’s going to take to manage your air and breathe a bit easier while saving thousands of dollars on a home-built system that uses the same basics and shares the same limitations of systems costing far more than the $100 unit detailed in the book.
In fact, the information in this book can also be applied to other breathing hazards such as the Valley Fever fungi, concrete dust (building collapse), and volcanic ash.
The most important prepper book of the decade? Well, I think so. Consider if you’re thirsty, you have about three to four days to find something to drink. If hunger sets in, you can slowly starve to death for up to six weeks as you search for crumbs and morsels along the way; but with air, it’s plan ahead and be ready or spend the last four minutes of your life blue in the face and scrambling for a solution to your problem before you either perish or are forced to breath hazardous air that could lead to a rather ugly death a bit later.
Needless to say I am biased in considering the value of the book, but knowing I really don’t get out too much and don’t think I’ll have the opportunity to tell you in person, I thought I needed a banner that would get your attention. I hope I have.
I invite you to check out this new book at the Paladin Press website: or through any of the many Paladin Press dealers, including Amazon. I also invite your questions or comments. You may email me at:
F.J. Bohan
F.J. Bohan is the author of Living on the Edge: A Family's Journey to Self-Sufficiency and Barbed Wire, Barricades, and Bunkers: The Free Citizen's Guide to Fortifying the Home Retreat. Both are available from Paladin Press.
This article may be freely distributed, reprinted or used, providing it is offered in its entirety with proper credits.
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