Monday, August 19, 2013

Preppertalk on Twitter now on the Blog!

I have been asked several times about getting a chat room opened up for preppers and, at one point I actually tried it, but with little success.  There is, however, a great resource that already exists using Twitter.
It's called Preppertalk and it has it's very own hashtag.  I had a chance to ask Preppertalk creator, Survivor Jane a few questions....

Q: How did it start?

A: #Preppertalk was created out of the frustration at trying to connect with other preparedness-minded people on Twitter. There was no easy way to identity a person by their profile name as to whether they were preparedness-minded or not; unless of course they had "prepper survivor survivalist etc" in their name. So I created the hashtag #preppertalk and began inviting others who had an interest in prepping to join in discussions and share articles and information with each other.  It was an instant success!

Q: How does someone take part?

A: There are two ways to join in on #Preppertalk - while on Twitter you can type #preppertalk into the search box for the timeline or use this link Once in the timeline add #Preppertalk to each of your tweets to comment, share or respond to others. What #preppertalk is not is a place to sell things.

Q: When?

A: #Preppertalk has become international with users world-wide, so it is now on-going, day and night, 24/7.  Every evening at 6pmET to 9pmET preppers come together for a tweet chat to discuss a diffetent topic each night; again sharing their thoughts suggestions and ideas with one another.

With the interest in this venue increasing, The Canadian Preppers Network Blog will now feature the conversation live!  Just go to the bottom of the blog and read all about what other preppers are talking about.  Also, join the conversation right here!

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