Friday, October 25, 2013

I am Canadian, the Government will take care of me, right?

I have just been relistening to Simon Sinek’s TED talk from September 2009, Pudget Sound Washington.  I enjoyed this TED talk enough to read his book and decided to listen to his TED talk once more.  I was listening to it this time just after I finished sending an email response to a customer.  Yes you are right, it’s not great work/life balance to still be working at 9:38 pm on a Wednesday evening.  I fight an internal battle with myself often, but I also feel really strongly about what I do.  You see, I work at Briden Solutions and their slogan is “Proudly helping Canadians obtain high quality survival supplies,” and it’s true but it’s not the real story behind why Briden Solutions was started and why I accepted the job to work here when it was offered.  The genesis of Briden Solutions is not my story to tell, maybe with some prodding the owners will tell how come they started an emergency preparedness company, but I want to take this opportunity to tell you my story. 

 I grew up on a farm. We canned and prepared food for freezing, raised chickens for eggs and for butchering, we grew a garden, we always bought extra food for the pantry. 
Every time mom and dad came home from the grocery store out came the black felt pen and we wrote the month and year on everything.  Then when we ate it we tried to eat the oldest item first.  (We weren’t perfect at it, but a lot better than I am now personally at labelling and rotating my food storage.)   I actually grew up thinking it was normal to have extra food stored in a cold room, a gem bottle of matches and candles and a wood burning fireplace for just in case. 

In my post-secondary years I remember watching a national news story about an ice storm in Quebec and how it crippled many communities.  Some people were even without power for 3 weeks or more.  Apparently ice storms are not uncommon but it shocked me that people in a country like Canada could be without power for so long.  Please forgive my innocence - I was really just a young kid at the time even though as a young adult living away from home for the first time I thought I knew everything.  But this event scared me.  It scared me enough that I went out and bought 12 extra pairs of socks in case I had to walk the 5 hours (driving time) home to my parents to they could take care of me in an emergency.  Ok, so I’ve come a long way since then, but that was my wake up call to personal preparedness.  Since then I’ve experienced personally or observed others go through: unemployment, natural disasters, man-made disasters, computer failures, failing mental or physical health, financial failures and government greed, corruption and failure. 

    Living in Alberta so near Calgary and High River I constantly hear radio commercials about how the Government of Alberta is improving their preparedness planning and how “they are here to help”.  It is true the Alberta Government has some great information on their website and is providing provincial aid to the flood disaster victims.  There is even some federal aid available, but like all insurance based issues, your life, your possessions and your welfare are reimbursed at a value they decide upon and not at current market replacement values.  I titled this blog “I am Canadian, the Government will take care of me, right?”  Well I work at Briden Solutions because I personally think and feel, and this is my Simon Sinek “Why”, that being prepared starts with me, not the government.  It may not be Briden’s public logo, but it is mine and I am working on my preparedness a bite at a time.   Every day I learn more from the customers I speak with who teach me and those with whom I am able to share and teach in return.  I am not afraid of the government in the sense of “Big Brother is watching”, and maybe I should be.  But I think personal responsibility for my life should indeed be personal.  As was mentioned several times at a local Preppers meeting I attended recently, if you are not prepared you are part of the problem and there are never enough resources to help everyone with a problem in an emergency.  So I will keep working on my own “Personal Preparedness” one can, one bottle, one push-up, one pair of socks at a time.

This post by Deanna from Briden Solutions - Proudly helping Canadians obtain high quality Survival supplies. 

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